Sunday Link Encyclopedia 

Inside Higher Ed published a painfully pathetic letter to Trump. Scroll down to the closing lines if you are not in the mood for lengthy exercises in servility.

But hey, Chronicle of Higher Ed is even worse. See this ridiculous article about Jane Austen and the alt-right.

hate it when stories about horrible parents are masked as stories about immigration laws. Yes, immigration laws need a lot of work. But no law can give one good parents instead of this sort of freak.

Does food consumption have higher entry barriers than music consumption? I don’t think so but I don’t consume music. 

LiveJournal goes anti-gay

If you haven’t seen the first official portrait of our First Lady, you’ve totally got to. I promise, you’ll laugh for an hour. Poor dumb broad. 

The “good tsar” narrative about Trump

I never thought I would be interested in reading a long article on Marvel Comics but this one was good and I read the whole thing

Library Woes

All of the university libraries in Illinois are suffering because of our lack of state budget. Scholarly books published since 2015 (which are the ones that I need) aren’t getting bought by libraries. So I can’t order them from other university libraries. Our own collection is pathetically tiny but I used to be able to rely  on other college libraries in the state.

When / if we finally get a budget, nobody will give us extra funds to close the gaping hole in the library collections that is being formed right now. Libraries are living organisms. You can’t treat them this way or they begin to die. Which, I’m sure, is not something that a creature like Rauner is capable of understanding.

The Democratic Strategy 

Turns out that the Democrats are not doing anything to renew the party and create a fresh vision for it because they are convinced they are guaranteed to win all elections from now on anyway. They believe that if they repeat constantly “OMG, did you hear the horrible things Trump said / did / tweeted today”, that will be enough for them to destroy Republicans forever. 

Of course, the strategy turned to be a failure during the presidential election but they expect it to be a big hit in 2018.

This explains a lot. I thought that everything I’ve been seeing was deranged but no, there turned out to be a simple explanation. Liberals sincerely believe Trump is their ticket to complete domination of national politics because he’s bound to screw up so badly that they will look angelic in comparison.