One-half of Dual

I stared and stared at this sentence, trying to figure out what it means:

Are you one-half of a dual-career academic couple?

It sounds like it might mean “are your spouse and you academics?” Or not. 

God, I’m happy I’m not this fellow’s student. Imagine a whole lecture delivered in this jargon. 

Celebration of Mutilation

In a Dutch study of 55 transgender people who were given puberty blockers during adolescence, however, none changed their minds and none regretted treatment.

And women who were subjected to FGM tend to insist it was a great thing for them and go on to mutilate their daughters in the same way, so what? People make do with what they’ve got, and it’s easier to celebrate mutilation than to place parents under critical scrutiny.

Neoliberal Freaks

I don’t know who’s a bigger freak, a 94-year-old who is “setting the industry ablaze with his creativity” or a 12-year-old who “received venture capital funds to start his own company.” 

The kid, at least, has the time to find a doctor to help him. The old man doesn’t. 

P.S. The capacity to live in accordance with one’s age is one of the most reliable markers of psychological health. The utter incapacity to resist the demands of neoliberal economy is a sign of non-existent individuality. 


I hate it when people blame their failures on anybody but themselves. I just watched an interview with Hillary, and it’s all misogyny, Coney, and the Russians. Not a word about her own grievous mistakes during the campaign. Nothing about her failure to integrate Bernie’s message. Nothing about the incomprehensible decision to place the wife of the country’s most notorious pedophile at the heart of her campaign. Nothing about the inanity and helplessness of the messaging. 

I was forced Hillary without reservations during the campaign but I would like to see a more adult approach post-election. If she wanted to do something for the party, to show that she could have been a real leader, she’d engage in the analysis of her own mistakes to show Democrats that this is what’s needed.