Cues to Queue

And posts containing the following words should be brought to the top of the queue: “Africa*, Rauner, productivity, new novel, opioids, heroin epidemic, Bauman, robotization, Transition, crisis.”

* I’m very interested in Africa right now. 

Cues to Block

I need something like this for my Feedly to block posts and articles that contain words like “white, fascism, intersectional, graduate students*, sex worker, patriarchy, NaNoWriMo, young adult, cats, Hamilton,  trigger, privilege, alt-right, Clinton.”

* I’m beyond tired of endless lists of inane advice for grad students that can be summarized as “be psychologically healthy because that’s good for you.” Yeah, you think? Thanks a million for this valuable insight. 

What Matters and Why

Also, please compare the kind of coverage and intense international attention towards the crazy fellow on the United flight with the non-existent coverage of what is being done to gays in Russia. The United freak is being discussed all over the world like it’s important news. And nobody cares that people are being huddled into concentration camps for being gay.

And it’s not just this situation. During the last election, there was a tsunami of coverage for every insignificant little story that had no meaning yet could be made out to sound scandalous (e.g. the pussy-grabbing story). But the really huge story of the Russian meddling in the election only started getting covered after it was too late for it to matter.

And don’t even get me started on all the. . . people who Facebooked, retweeted and freaked over the ridiculous story of some idiot who couldn’t visit a spa in Vermont – the horror! – after those same folks paid zero attention to the millions deported by Obama. 

I talked to two Illinoisans yesterday who had no idea that the state hasn’t had a budget for 22 months. Because it’s impossible to get coverage. But I’m sure they knew all about the United story and the Vermont spa scandal. 

Imagine, though, what would happen if Rauner got as much coverage as the United freak. I think he’d cave after a week and give us a budget. But inconsequential stories get so big precisely because they are inconsequential and will disturb no hierarchies.