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Archive for the day “April 13, 2017”

Lion King 

Hey, guess who’s going to see The Lion King for her birthday? 

This has been a dream of mine for a very long time. 


Good-bye, Salon

The owner of my salon is retiring. She’s only 47 but her husband is 71, and his dream is to retire to Mexico. So they are both going. 

I’m happy for her but sad for myself because I love this salon and now it’s going to die. The owner is naive. She hopes that the workers will run it in her absence. I give it less than 6 months before it closes after she leaves. A small business is its owner. Once the owner plugs out for longer than a week, the business begins to die. 


In Spain, a divorce court has ordered an ex-husband to pay his ex-wife €23,000, which is the money he would have paid to a cleaning lady had his wife not done all the cleaning for the family.

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