After the Show

This was a great pageant, folks. I’m not entirely sure how appropriate it is for me to watch male students do a twerking number but the contest was great. I gave the highest points to the most intense contestant who, for the talent contest, read a poem he wrote. The poem made me cry, so I had to give him the win. 

This contestant didn’t end up winning the crown, though. The win was fair because it went to the cutest boy there. People seem to be very much into physical beauty. 

The half-time show was fantastic, and I’m proud of the girls in my sorority for organizing such a great event. 

In Everything 

There is this student who is in everything. He is learning every language, leading every student organization, taking every course, it seems. And of course, he’s in the beauty contest, too. Because HE’S IN EVERYTHING. 

I’m deeply envious of his robust psychological health. 

Friday Link Encyclopedia

Another reason why my job is not easy is that people are completely unfamiliar with the concept of a metaphor

I now hate these “mommy arguments” even more than I did before I was a mommy.

But hey, there are even dumber arguments out there: “The more often people hear about free speech being used to defend NAMBLA, the less that anti-paedophiles are going to like free speech. The more often people hear about free speech being used to defend the KKK, the less anti-racists are going to like free speech.”

Fucking in the Age of Trump.” This is simply hilarious. 

I would not welcome this sort of nomination

The true cost of Israel

bizarre anti-Nazi trial is being held in Germany

The most hilarious subscription box ever. I wonder when they will launch a premium service with a flogger visiting the subscribers to give them a delightful public flogging. 


And it’s the same argument that people advance when I talk to them about unionization. The union won’t solve every problem, so why bother, they say. 

It’s a coward’s way of wriggling out of any engagement while preserving face and coming off as somebody who is so politically active that they can’t tolerate anything but absolute perfection. 

Accessible Higher Ed

I hate it when people shit on the idea of accessible higher ed and do it in such unimaginative, dumb way:

But in 2016 Bernie Sanders made a big splash on the campaign trail with a plan to make college “free.” So Cuomo proposed and on Wednesday signed legislation to make tuition free at New York public colleges for anybody coming from a family making no more than $100,000 a year. . .

First, the law is regressive. It does nothing to help students from families earning less than $50,000 a year. Their tuition is already covered by other programs.

Second, it doesn’t make a dent in reducing the nontuition fees, like living expenses, textbooks and travel.

The law doesn’t end world hunger and put a stop to the war in Syria, so it must be horrible.

I hate this kind of idiotic argument.

Chinese Rabbits

On the subject of China, we had a farm here in the area that raised rabbits and sold rabbit meats to local supermarkets . A rabbit cost $22-24, which is a lot because there isn’t that much meat on a rabbit. 

Today, I saw rabbits that looked the same but cost $13-14. The mystery of the lower pricing was solved immediately: the cheap rabbits are brought here from China. And the local farm is screwed, I guess. 


It’s as if Trump did it all on purpose, to mock his supporters. 

“You believed I was really going to be an isolationist? Ha ha ha! Here’s a strike on Syria! Here’s the mother of all bombs! Hey, and what about bombing North Korea? That might be fun!”

“You really thought I was going to go against China? Fools! Here it goes: China is not a currency manipulator. And I’m much more likely to fuck you than our dear Chinese friends.”

“You really believed I was on the side of the working people? Now, let me take away your healthcare so that it really sinks in.”