Recognizing Mistakes

Sessions went to the border and gave an impassioned speech about narcos. What I don’t get is why it has to be Sessions. Why couldn’t Hillary go there and say that narcos are horrible and bring death and devastation? Good luck getting better results with Hispanic voters without that. 

Unlike many people, I don’t mind recognizing my mistakes. I was wrong when I thought Hillary was a good candidate. She wasn’t. She neglected the most basic things that her campaign needed. I so wanted her to win that I made myself blind to the most obvious things.

Origins of Narcissism

Even if a narcissist were to seek treatment – which, of course, is by definition impossible, this is why help would be very hard to provide:

“Narcissistic personality disorder is caused by emotional trauma, usually around the age of three: the shock of safety or love suddenly being ripped away, like a rug being pulled out from under you.”

Narcissist Families 

And another one from the same source:

“Narcissists tend both to come from and to create families that overvalue family. They have to. Who would want to be friends with a person who behaves so appallingly and so erratically? Family members are easier to brainwash and find it harder to escape.”

It’s all textbook stuff but it’s still interesting. Narcissists tend to form cult-like families that might actually look quite enviable – strong, devoted – from the outside. 

A Good Quote

A good quote from “Kind of Cruel: A Zailer and Waterhouse Mystery (A Zailer & Waterhouse Mystery Book 7)” by Sophie Hannah –

“People who overvalue family—and someone with no friends has to fall into that category—almost always esteem the family they were born into more highly than the family they were instrumental in making. Easy to see why: their birth family was where the importance of family above all else was instilled in them, the notion of “Everything you could possibly need and want is here within these walls, so there’s no need to venture out.””

Neoliberal Logic of Reproduction

At the last conference I attended, a scholar spoke about the way female reproductive decisions are made in neoliberal societies. The better a woman is inscribed into the logic of neoliberalism, the readier she is to privilege the convenience of others (especially the ease of capital reproduction) and pay for that with the damage done to her own body.

The later a woman begins to reproduce, the higher are the physiological costs. (I almost yelled, “Hear! Hear!” at this point in the talk). But capitalism values production and devalues reproduction. As a result, the female body lacks in value and women easily sacrifice their health to accommodate the needs of others and the demands of capital.

My own individual case is not about that but about individual pathology of severe psychological problems. But many women delay childbirth not because they suffer from mental issues but because of the phenomenon this scholar described.

In short, women, screw capital and don’t forget that the longer you wait to have your first child, the more expensive it will be in terms of your greatest and least replenishable resource.