Idiot Activism

Does anybody understand what these idiots at Berkeley are trying to achieve? If they hadn’t freaked out, Stinky Coulter’s visit would have gone unnoticed by anybody but a couple of mental invalids eager to hear the spiel she already delivered through every possible medium. There would be no opportunity for her to inflict herself on the notice of normal people beyond that. 

But no, they had to go and create a situation where she is actually right, for the first time in her stupid life. Is there really no better way to spend their time?

Room With a View

I’m finally going to get an office with a window. The new chair is leaving his office and the outgoing chair said he doesn’t want it. So I said I do. Immediately, a huge drama ensued with people suspecting that the outgoing chair was being martyred (sic). I started feeling bad even though I hadn’t been the one to suggest the swap.

The outgoing chair had to swear he wasn’t being a victim and he really, truly doesn’t want the windowed office. I think he didn’t like the spectacle of people rushing to his defense when he never said he needed it. 

As for me, I’m happy to be working from home for the next 4 months. 

Last Day of Classes

The worst thing about my job is that so many people in my profession are total, irredeemable and utter freaks.

This is why the three people I’m closest to (N, my sister and my BFF) are not in academia. It’s not that all academics are like this, of course, but the risk of running into a freak are too high. 

A Russian Colleague 

I just got an email from somebody who is a Russian-speaker and who works at my university. She suggests we meet for lunch, and I normally wouldn’t mind, but I always fear a Russian-speaker turning out to be a Putinoid. She refers to herself as a “Russian colleague”, which might be a bad sign. 

Should I go decked out in my Ukrainian patriot attire, just to make things clear from the start?

First Steps

Klara took her first steps yesterday. Everybody asks me if I filmed it but I don’t understand how it could have been done. She’s been standing on her own for a while, and save for filming her constantly, there was no way of knowing that this was going to be the time she’d decide to take the first step. 

Besides, I almost never even have the phone when I’m around her because she’ll try to grab it, and it’s an expensive phone. 

N gives her his phone to play with because it’s a $20 burner he’s had for years. What’s hilarious I’d that she asks us to open it and when we do, she presses it to her ear and pretends to talk. I have no idea where she learned it because she almost never sees us talk on the phone. Maybe she saw me a couple of times but she does a fantastic impression of me talking. She raises her eyes and looks up and to the right when she “talks,” just like I do. And she says, “Da. . . da,” which is “yes” in Russian. (She only ever heard me speak Russian on the phone.) It’s hilarious.