Have you, folks, tried the high-fiber diet? Wow, it’s like being on drugs. I haven’t had so much energy since I guzzled 3 Red Bulls in close succession (horrible idea, by the way).

Today I made curried split pea with wild rice, tomatoes and spinach. Even Klara ate it, it was so not horrible. 

Don Quixote

We don’t even teach Don Quixote in our program. The horrible old professor who retired to make space for me (a former Francoist priest and a subsequent sexual harasser) taught excerpts from the novel, which is pathetic.

Maybe I should teach it. The problem is that one can only do one part of the novel in a semester, and the second part is better than the first. But still, it’s better than nothing. (I only get to teach a real literature course once every 4 semesters because of the insane proliferation of hated language courses, so there’s no option of teaching both parts in two subsequent semesters.)


I’m on a grading marathon today with over 30 essays I need to grade. Obviously, I won’t do them all in one day, especially since I get upset when I see people not following the clear instructions I give. So I need to take breaks to feel less shitty and annoyed.

Ultimately, there are people who just won’t learn no matter what you do, and that has to be accepted. But God, why is it so darn hard to accept? I keep obsessing over a handful of failures that I know for a fact are not my fault and forget to feel happy about the many students who achieve great progress and learn a lot.

What He Tells Them

And by the way, I have no doubt that what Obama is telling his audience in his $400,000 speeches is all the crucial stuff about the liquid capital, fluidity, and transformations in statehood that no politician has the gut to tell all of us. Mostly because we don’t want to hear. 

It makes total sense that the emissary from the fading nation-state should brief capital on when said nation-state will remove the last obstacles from the capital’s way. (Answer: now that Americans elected capital to lead the nation-state, irreversibly soon.)

No to Dynasties

I don’t care if Obama accepts hundreds of thousands or millions in speaking fees from absolutely anybody, including Putin. As long as nobody carrying his last name runs for office, I’m very happy never to think of him again. 

And mind you, I deeply admire and respect Obama. But if the Bush and the Clinton sagas taught us anything, it’s that attempts to create political dynasties are a horrible idea. This is not Latin America, where once you elect somebody, you can’t get shot of them and their useless family ever again. When a politician’s term in office runs out, that politician should forever disappear from politics and take their brood with them. 

I’m very paranoid about having the next generation visited upon us. Imagine after Trump’s term finally runs out having to observe the next five generations of the family trying to get elected. No, the whole practice should be condemned right now.