The Real House of Cards 

I predict that the fifth season of House of Cards will flop. The characters look like timid goody-two-shoes types fresh out of a career of saving homeless kitties compared with what’s really sitting in the White House. 

Seriously, the Underwoods look quaintly classy and cutely intellectual in comparison. Who could have thought the show would turn into an idealized depiction of an impossibly good White House. 


Philosopher Assholes, Cont’d

But hey, the maligned Tuvel is just as freaky as her persecutors. This is how she defines her research:

My research lies at the intersection of critical race, feminist and animal ethics. Throughout my research, I have considered several ways in which animals, women and racially subordinated groups are oppressed.

Just wow. 

Who are these freakazoids?

Philosopher Assholes

Folks, if you want to have a good laugh, head over here to read about a bunch of philosophers making a total asses of themselves.

 Just to give you a small taste, an actual professor of philosophy who seems to be employed somewhere for some incomprehensible reason complains about a scholarly article she didn’t like:

Tuvel enacts violence and perpetuates harm in numerous ways throughout her essay.

Yes, somebody hired this person for an actual job. 

There can’t possibly be any shortage of tenure track positions if people of this intellectual caliber are employed. 

Thank you so much, you group of brainless dicks, for making all academics look like total twats by association. Would it be so hard to keep the dumb statements about violence-enacting essays between yourselves and your psychiatrists?

Russian Shark Tank 

N asked if there is an equivalent of Shark Tank in Russia. 

The answer is that no, there can’t be anything like that. If the Russian equivalent of Mark Cuban and Kevin O’Leary* saw a small business they liked, they’d simply take it and the owner would have to be grateful to stay in one piece. 

This is why nobody starts businesses in Russia. It’s an oligopoly where everything belongs to the oligarchs in some form. And the drug addiction rates among young people are insane because there’s nothing else to do. 

* There can’t be a Russian Lori Grenier, of course, because she is a woman.

Garbanzo Flour Vegetable Muffins 

For those of us who can’t eat bread any longer, this is a great, super easy to make, low calorie alternative. 

You need parchment paper muffin liners, or they’ll stick. 

Place your favorite veggies in the muffin liners. I put plum tomatoes, spinach and shredded kale. 

For 12 mini muffins , mix 2 cups of garbanzo flour with a little over 2 cups of water. Add a bit if salt, a teaspoon of baking powder, and your favorite seasoning. Pour the batter into the veggies and bake for 30 minutes. And that’s It!

They are totally like real bread. I should have put more tomatoes because the muffins turned out a bit too bready for me. 

Let’s see if Klara likes them. 

Burying Lenin

Poor dumb Russians are still debating if it’s time to bury Lenin. I don’t mean metaphorically, I mean literally. Lenin’s mummified corpse is lying in a building in the Red Square, and the idiot fuckers have been unable to decide if it’s OK to lay the fellow to rest.

This has got to be decided soon because the Russians who were born after 1991 have no idea who Lenin is, so if he’s not buried now, younger generations wouldn’t know what to do with an identified, confusing dead body.

It’s very symbolic that at the center of Russia there is an unburied corpse.


We are very fortunate because our Klara sleeps from 8 pm to 8 am every night. Plus, she does 2 naps, 1,5 hour each during the day when she’s at home (daycare only has 1 nap). Of course, I wear her out during the day: art project, walking practice, music and dancing, manners lesson, English lesson, reading, toy cart pushing, exploring nature when weather permits.