Weird Joys

Russians are going nuts with joy that Macron, May, Merkel and a bunch of other European leaders are childless. They take it as a guarantee that Europe will be destroyed because childless leaders are not invested in its survival after they expire. 


A Tuvel Development

Folks, if you are following the Tuvel – Hypatia story, it’s actually a lot worse than we thought. People are real shit. I mean, I know academics are beyond mousy but this is just the limit. 


In the US, the only person who maybe might have tried to go somewhat against the globalization and tried shoring up the nation-state was Bernie Sanders. And the collective consciousness didn’t even remotely choose him. Ergo, the collectivity wants globalization and the erosion of the nation-state. 

Groups know more than their individual members consciously verbalize. Meaning that Trump’s voters know he’ll take apart the nation-state faster than an army of Hillaries. Not that Hillary wouldn’t have done it but she has less money, so she’s less desperate to do it as fast.

Out of the Loop

Of course, it’s highly possible that I’m the only idiot here, and everybody has decided that politics only serves entertainment purposes, so there’s no need to do anything but have fun. Maybe I’m out of the loop with my boring exhortations of “Let’s do something” that are as outdated as the nation-state. 

On a Loop

During Trump’s entire campaign there was a constant feeling that he was about to flop completely, that the current scandal was his last one, that he finally screwed up so bad that this had to be it for him. . . And then he was elected. 

And now he’s been President for months but all one hears is that he is about to flop completely, that the current scandal is his last one, that he finally screwed up so bad that this has got to be it for him.

As we all know, the definition of totally wackadoodle is doing the same thing and expecting a different result. People, when will it be time to stop and try something new? This is very clearly not working. Plus, it’s boring like all hell. I just saw a whole series of posts expressing deep outrage over. . . some tweet Trump sent. And these people say Trump’s Twitter should be taken away. What about theirs? He, at least, has Twittered himself into the White House. What have they achieved?

There is no other name for this pathetic “resistance” than smug impotence. 

SJW Infection

Spain’s leading newspaper is shitting on Ukraine’s Eurovision because all 3 presenters were white and that’s not diverse enough. Of course, the presenters reflect what the population is like but who cares? 

God, I hate it that even Spain is now infected with this ridiculous, whiny way of thinking that can’t see people as anything but tokens. 

Yes, Spaniards are sore that Portugal won because nothing is more offensive than a neighbor’s triumph. But they use the language of race to express their annoyance, and that’s pathetic. 

This is the Europe that Ukraine is so eager to be recognized as part of.