I opened a book that looked promising at the store, realized it was a Bildingsroman, and literally dropped it like it was hot. 

Never again will I read a book with a teenaged protagonist. 


Wednesday Link Encyclopedia 

Another speaker dumped by a university as a result of an enraged hysteric going apeshit on Twitter. Very sad. 

Cool or sexist? You decide. My opinion is that it’s simply loserish and pathetic. 

Is this person truly this deranged or is he faking it? If so, then for what purpose?

Don’t think orphaned children can be funny subject? Watch this ad from McDonald’s and recognize that yes they can.

Why Korean companies are making their employees use English nicknames

No, “open marriages” (an oxymoron, if there ever was one) are not “normalized.” Whenever I ask students about the subject, they make barfing noises, so the young generation seems quite uninterested. 

Trump finally comes through for Evangelicals. I wish such momentous events were reported instead of ridiculous nonsense stories about Trump. This will be huge in the next election.

cute defense of the Silicon Valley. But what’s really funny is that somebody should think it needs defending. 

How safe is your kitchen?

A Total Mystery

There is a growing sense that Mr. Trump seems unwilling or unable to do the things necessary to keep himself out of trouble, and that the presidency has done little to tame a shoot-from-the-hip-into-his-own-foot style that characterized his campaign.

That would be the campaign that he won, of course. Yes, it’s a total mystery why anybody would refuse to throw away the strategy that gave them the biggest win of their life. 

Let’s Give Trump Credit 

People who are preparing to speak at the upcoming NATO summit are urged to edit their talks to last under 4 minutes because President Trump refuses to listen to anything much longer. And good for him. 

I detest long-winded speakers who blab uselessly for hours. It’s not like anybody at the summit has invented the cure for cancer and needs to describe the scientific process. There’s no justification for members of such a frankly useless organization speaking for too long. 

Governmental organizations are famous for endless, boring meetings that have zero value whatsoever. The culture of “meetings” should be eliminated. I wish in academia we adopted the culture of standing or walking meetings that are fashionable in business circles. 

So good for Trump for making blabberers shut the ef up. 

Uncle Putin to the Rescue

Vladimir Putin just wants to help. The Russian president offered Wednesday to provide transcripts of President Trump’s Oval Office conversations with Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and other top Russian officials last week to the U.S. Congress if necessary, during which Trump reportedly disclosed highly classified Israeli intelligence.

Of course. Because he’s thriving on this chaos. And his life’s goal of being able publicly and loudly to condescend to hapless Americans has finally come true. The position of “Oh, don’t worry, little ones, I’m always here to help” is precisely what he’s wanted this entire time.