Book Notes: Herman Koch’s The Dinner

What you need to know about Herman Koch’s The Dinner is that the novel rests on the idea that violence is a disease that is transmitted genetically. Unfortunately, it isn’t revealed until you’ve read 70% of the book that you’ve got to buy into this ridiculous claptrap for the novel to make sense. 

I feel offended by this kind of writing because it’s a waste of time for the people who don’t share this degenerate ideology. 

This is turning out to be a weird reading year for me. Everything I read is either irredeemably bad or extraordinarily good with nothing in the middle. 


The Mystery of Vova

. . . has been solved! Remember how I shared that Klara kept saying the word “Vova”, which confused us because we don’t know anybody by this name (it’s the diminutive of Vladimir), and we only refer to Putin by his last name. 

Whenever I asked Klara to show me Vova, she would point at N, which really weirded me out. Is N a secret Putinoid, I wondered, and did Klara find this out about him? Is she trying to warn me?

This was one of her favorite words that she repeated all the time, and I had no idea what it meant. 

But now the mystery has been solved. It turns out that Vova is Klara’s way of pronouncing “yozhik” (which means “hedgehog” in Russian).

What a relief!

Another Campus Speaker Shut Down

Have you noticed that it’s never normal students who shut down classes and wail idiotically at guest speakers but always rich spoiled brats

Has anybody tried assigning them homework to keep them occupied? Or would that make tyem feel too threatened and unsafe?

The Many Uses of Fluidity

AT&T workers from the store around the corner are striking. I read a newspaper account about the strike and discovered that the company’s spokespeople claim that the strikers are making $140,000 and their discontent makes no sense. 

I don’t know how much workers elsewhere make but I know for an absolute fact that the people who are striking here in town don’t even make $40,000, let alone $140,000. I know that because I know one of the strikers and her friend and the Mom of another strikers. And I know them enough for them to have shared information about their working conditions with me long before the strike. 

One of the benefits for the capital of fluidity and the attendant rootlessness is that people never manage to form deep enough relationships that will allow them to share the truth about their working conditions .