Enough Already

It’s unbelievable that alarmist moans related to Merkel’s very boring and run-of-the-mill campaign statement would pollute my news feed for quite this long. 

Are there no real news anywhere in the world? 



8:25 am and the little beauty is still fast asleep. We are the luckiest people on earth. It wouldn’t be as easy if she woke up at 5 am, like one little cutie I know. 

The Source of Envy

The problem with all the reports that Facebook users experience a decline in their mental health because it makes them seethe with envy is that there’s no reason to believe that the source of envy is Facebook and not the people themselves. 

It’s truly insane to believe that Facebook turns one into a resentful, jealous gnat instead of one turning Facebook into an opportunity to wallow in an already existing assholery. 

And hey, I hate Facebook. But it’s weird when people accuse it of making them who they are.