You can set your watch by the functioning of a small child’s body. Eating, sleeping – everything runs on an iron-clad schedule. 

To think that we were all this healthy once. . .

We Are to Blame

What these little shits at Evergreen, Middlebury, Berkeley and Co are doing is especially offensive because they utilize as a weapon the very real suffering caused by racism. The little shits have no knowledge of or respect for that suffering. They hide behind the real victims because it’s entertaining and relieves the boredom. 

And we all allow them to do it. 

If instead of being feted and rewarded (see my recent post about the awards given to the little shits at Yale), the narcissistic tantrums of the little shits were greeted with universal disgust and opprobrium, they’d stop. If the nasty little twerps knew that screaming like an unhinged maniac at a professor or administrator would mean never getting hired for a decent job or being automatically turned down by every grad program, I promise you, the twerps would find a way to control their outbursts fast enough. 

Remember the woman who posted racist comments about Africa while on an airplane? Remember what awaited her when she disembarked? The little dweebs at Middlebury and Co are doing the exact same thing. 

Every time a bored little twat at Evergreen or wherever throws a tantrum about “racism”, it becomes that much more difficult to bring the conversation back to actual racism. This crucial and painful subject is degraded by outbursts about Halloween costumes and cafeteria meals. 

It’s not ok, we shouldn’t tolerate it. 

It’s not ok.

Sunday Link Encyclopedia 

A sad day: a new act of terror in the UK and Juan Goytisolo died in Marrakech.

Let’s see what other news the past week brought us. 

A great (if incomplete) summary of Trump’s pro-Russian activities. Unfortunately, the author choose the craziest medium to deliver her message. Who can read this kind of text? 

Here is a much better format for this crucial information

It’s beyond annoying how every dumb little starlet immediately screams sexism whenever anybody is not 100% welcoming to her money-making schemes

agree with Bob Basil that what’s happening in Evergreen is an absolute disgrace. This is what happens when you begin to treat students like customers and promote a consumerist vision of higher ed. I especially recommend the video of the head manager, aka the school’s president, allowing angry consumers, aka students, to throw tantrums in his face as he licks their consumerist shoes. 

completely deranged plan on how to “improve” secondary education. If you don’t have time to read the whole insane rant: this teacher thinks that the perfect school has students sitting in cubicles doing online exercises. 

1949 media diet: a fascinating experiment.

Trump’s meeting with religious leaders. It’s absolutely hilarious. 

brilliant response to Ted Cruz and Joyce Chaplin who are making idiots of themselves on Twitter. 

beautiful quote on hard work and knowledge

From Liberalism to Neoliberalism 

So how did we get from liberalism, which rests on the beautiful belief that all people are equal in value and should be respected, to something as nasty and perverted as neoliberalism? (And if you don’t think it’s nasty, please make sure you get in the shade and drink plenty of water.)

In a famous Soviet sci fi / fantasy novel, scientists engineered a creature who was 100% satisfied in all his needs. Once they activated the creature, he grabbed all of the material objects he could reach, and then warped the time dimension in an attempt to possess it as well.

Liberalism’s respect for an individual can easily be steered towards respect towards a desiring individual. As we know from Econ 101, there is no natural limit on human needs. People will devour all resources, the whole planet, and each other if there’s nothing to place a limit on their desires. And it’s very easy for a creature like the one in the famous Soviet novel to say, “If you respect me and my rights, you’ve got to respect my right to consume.” 

Neoliberalism uses the vocabulary of the great liberal revolution to extract more profit. People are so disarmed by the talk of individual rights that they fail to notice that the only right that neoliberalism grants them is the right to keep buying.