Comey in 1984

At night, many people are placed in pods where their memory is completely erased. Then they wake up and produce stuff like this:

Watching the Comey hearing was on the one hand heartening and the other completely infuriating. How wonderful to see a person genuinely stand up for what he believes in. James Comey comes off as a Boy Scout. 

Nothing else can explain such an easy acceptance of the narrative where Comey hands the election to Trump and then 15 minutes later begins to genuinely believe Trump is dangerous and records every word of this suddenly suspicious evildoer. It’s easy to pose as a wonderful, boyscoutish believer when you are surrounded by people who don’t remember anything that happened before today’s breakfast. 

Days of Our Comeys 

OK, if you really want to laugh about the reception of the Days of Our Comeys soap, here is an FB post suggesting that Trump sexually harassed Comey. Or something. 

From a FB friend, but something I’m seeing echoed across the internet today: 

So much of the Comey-Trump drama will sound familiar to many women:

– a surprise one-on-one meeting when you thought other people would be there 

– being so stunned by inappropriate behavior that an otherwise powerful/outspoken/strong person fails to stand up to it on the spot

– trying to blend in with your surroundings in the false hopes of going unnoticed

– asking others not to leave you alone with a specific person

– having the veracity of your account questioned for no other reason than a delay in reporting it

– being retaliated against for refusing to do something that makes you uncomfortable

It’s almost as if sexual predation is about more than just sex, but hey, all those women were liars right?

I still think it will turn out that Trump is Comey’s secret father. Or maybe he’s pregnant with his baby. 

Grade-less Transcript

Elite colleges are planning to stop taking grades into account altogether in the admission process and instead rely on “a list of competencies . . . most of which can be described charitably as character traits or accurately as self-actualization gibberish“.

For instance, instead of reporting a student’s competence in math or English, the new grade-less transcript will show how well he can “exhibit moral courage in confronting unjust situations.” Of course, the definitions of moral courage and unjust situations are highly subjective, but that’s the whole point. There is no better way to bar the hoi polloi from elite colleges than to set as the price of admission the mastery by students, parents and teachers of a social-justicey jargon of the leisure classes. 

It doesn’t really matter how prepared a student is to take college-level courses. All that matters is that she comes from an environment that has mastered the new pseudo-egalitarian language of exclusion.

I’m Confused 

The second day in a row I get a call from daycare at 11 am telling me that Klara is running a fever and looks listless and uncomfortable. I rush to pick her up and she’s perfectly fine. But obviously, I still take her home. Where she proceeds to be perfectly fine. No fever, happy and chatty.

Is it because I’m leaving tomorrow and she senses it? 

Thursday Link Encyclopedia

[Russian] A sensational investigative report on the people who organized the fatal crash of flight MH17. Tons of photos. Here is the report in English. 

Neoliberal mothering.

If it’s slavery in Louisiana, then it’s slavery in Arkansas, as well. You just can’t pick and choose, at least not in the same week. I, for one, have no idea why it would be any better to have convicts just sit in their cells staring at each other, but it’s not like these denunciations ever come accompanied by an alternative plan. 

Are others discovering worry and guilt within the constant barrage of new information and advice?” wonders one of IHE’s resident drama queens. My answer is no, I’m not because I figured out a long time ago that worry and guilt don’t reside inside articles and FB posts. They come from within human beings. 

Jonathan Mayhew wrote a brilliant piece on virtue-signaling. Jonathan’s blog is flourishing this summer. 

Did people identify with the professor at Evergreen because “they identify with him racially, and some feel similarly victimized by a changing culture that sometimes challenges or de-centers their whiteness”? Or should the person who wrote the linked piece have his head examined?

really good article on the politics of clothing in the US.