Cedar-grilled Salmon & Asparagus


I don’t know why I’m posting food all day today but this cedar-grilled salmon was delicious.




Does anybody know if these planks are reusable? The packaging doesn’t say.

N says this salmon changed his whole worldview.

The Michelle Carter Case

The idea that one can make somebody kill themselves through text messages is insane. If some hysteric flipped and offed himself, it’s all on him, and not on whoever texted him. 

He could have always turned off his phone or blocked this particular sender, couldn’t he?

It’s like the idea of individual responsibility is totally dead. If we accept that this Michelle person is criminally liable, then we most certainly have to accept every “I was just following orders” excuse from every uniformed torturer, Nazi, etc. And that’s simply wrong. 

Sleeping Like a Baby

When Klara is sleepy, she motions towards her crib. We put her in the crib and leave. If she doesn’t fall asleep immediately, she sings a little song to herself, shifts around for a while, stares at her fingers, and then falls asleep. Except for actually placing her in the crib, she doesn’t need us to help her fall asleep. 

We never used any of the “let her scream it out and she’ll fall asleep eventually” methods to get this result. We are old parents, and we’d have heart attacks after hearing her scream for 15 seconds, let alone 15 minutes. 

All we did was never put her to sleep anywhere but the crib and never let her do anything but sleep in that crib. We don’t use it as a playpen, and we have never given her a bottle, let alone any food, in the crib. 

This didn’t happen immediately, of course. She needed rocking to sleep when she was an infant. But by the time she was a little over a year old, she learned to put herself to sleep both at night and for her naps during the day. 

Oh Canada

The website tells me this post from 2 weeks ago never got published. This is weird. I wondered back then why nobody reacted. It’s not the first time that I think I publish a post and the wonder why nobody has anything to say only to discover that it never went through and got stuck in the drafts.

So you know Karla Homolka? Canada’s most notorious serial rapist/ murderer/ pedophile? She served a short prison term (for sexist reasons, of course, because the court bought her ridiculous argument that she raped and killed kids as a result of being a victim of something) during which she filmed her drunken orgies right in the prison cell and was soon released.

Immediately, she found some freak who was eager not only to marry a serial killer and a rapist of kids but who decided it would be a great idea to procreate with her. And obviously Homolka is all into procreating because hello, ready-made victims, yippee.

Last week, parents of children at one of Montreal’s schools discovered that Homolka was “volunteering” at the school. Of course, they were horrified and asked the school to stop letting a woman who gets off on torturing kids hang around their kids.

The Catholic school – oh yeah, when did Catholics not take the side of a pedophile? – refused and told the parents they should be more forgiving. There was a huge public outcry and the school reluctantly reconsidered. Now Homolka is free to go hunt for other kids.