Terror in London

Another terror attack in London? It’s unbelievable how much shit has befallen that city lately. 


A propos the dumb Wonder Woman flick and all of the equally silly Hunger Games and Co, it’s beyond annoying how people keep getting duped into thinking that gender equality is about getting women successfully to mimic the worst stereotypes of the aggressive, ass-kicking, emotionally stunted, sullen, and super-ripped masculinity.

Since when is the goal of feminism to get women to turn into a caricature of manhood’s worst features?

Paglia’s Interview

Hey, this Camille Paglia broad is not in the least dumb. I just read an interview with her, and it’s good. I haven’t read anything more insightful on the 3 subjects she covers in a while. Hah. 

I was going to post a quote but there are too many good passages for me to reproduce here. The last paragraph is really great, so make sure you get to the end.