Blog Giveaway!

To thank you for being great readers, I have organized our very first blog giveaway. For those of you who like Panera or know somebody who likes it, this giveaway will randomly give out a $25 gift card.

Follow the link and enter the sweepstakes. The results will be known in 3 days.

Unfortunately, it’s only available for US residents for now. Let’s see how it goes and if it works, there will be more giveaways in the future.

Another giveaway will be organized soon for international readers. International readers, what would you like to see in the giveaway? It has to be something I can give you over the Internet. Will an Amazon gift card work?

I’ll leave this post at the top of the page for the moment.

P.S. Since there are already 776 entries in the giveaway, I removed the post’s stickiness.

Helpful Mower

And another cutesy baby story. Klara is very excited about her new skill of identifying and naming objects and phenomena. 

Yesterday, she fell and scraped her knee. Of course, she started crying, and I picked her up, and she was crying, and then suddenly a neighbor turned on his lawnmower. Immediately, Klara interrupted the crying and announced, “Mower!” She kept repeating the word “mower” for the next 5 minutes, having completely forgotten all about the scrape. 

All of these inexplicable things and loud noises that used to scare her lose their capacity to terrify once she can name them. Language is truly an awe-inspiring thing.

16 Months Old

When she woke up today, Klara started demanding that I wash her toes. I wasn’t going to do it because she’d been sleeping, and the toes were completely clean. 

She kept repeating, “Toes! Wash water! Wash! Water!” as I dressed her. 

Once she realized I wasn’t in any hurry to wash her toes, Klara thought for a second and said, “Please!” So of course I washed them. 

I honestly had no idea such little kids could communicate so well. 

The Virtuous

This glowing belief in one’s own extraordinary virtue and the obsession with denouncing the sinful nature of others that you can see in the article linked in the previous post are the scariest things I know. 

I remember watching George W. Bush on TV and feeling terrified of the luminous conviction in his own goodness that seemed immune to reason or logic. A few months later, he started bombing Iraq.

Or these senators who want to cut Medicaid. They are convinced that nothing like poverty and indigent illness could have happened to them because they know how to live correctly, they are too good for this to happen to them. 

The political flavor these fanatics happen to have at any given time is irrelevant. At the core of their being lies a narcissistic wound that requires that spectacles of punishing the sinful and rewarding the righteous be constantly staged.