Great Link

My favorite Facebooker just slayed me again wirh this beautiful link. I don’t know if it’s supposed to be humorous but it’s like the author expressed my angriest, most serious thoughts about the death of the Western Civilization. 

Maybe we should all quit my blog and go read Alex’s Facebook instead. 

Mini-link Encyclopedia 

The truly shocking crap written in the most recent textbook on gender studies

very important and enlightening article on heroin overdose. Hat tip to Bob Basil on whose blog I found it. 

If people choose to use Facebook because they don’t want the bother of looking for their own readership, shouldn’t they accept the platform’s rules?

beautiful post from my favorite food blogger. 

Among all the things about Ivanka Trump one can criticize, people pick on her having a good vocabulary? Really? 

Tired of Justifying

I’m tired of being judged by people for leaving our state healthcare plan. I don’t run around telling people about it and trying to get them to follow my example. But I did reveal this decision publicly for the state legislature testimony. And this, of course, has awakened the anxieties of many people who’d rather not know what’s happening.¬†

I have explained, in as patient a voice as God has given me the strength to fake, that I have this great personal flaw of not being able to tolerate the anxiety of wondering whether I will be able to see a doctor when I need, whether I’ll start getting huge bills, or whether my credit will be ruined. I have said that I fully recognize that this is a great personal failing of mine and that other people have more robust psyches for which I applaud them. I obviously don’t mean any of it but I want to be left in peace with my decision.¬†

I can’t be expected to continue existing in this situation for the sake of not intruding on the need people have for obliviousness.

In Your Face

Of course, there is a lot of in-your-faceness in Ukrainians’ sudden embrace of progressive values. Since Russians are anti-gay, we’ll be pro-gay! Since Russians are anti-Muslim, we’ll be pro-Muslim!

But you know what? I’ll take it. Because ultimately, what matters is that this will start the process of making the lives of the gay minority and sizable Muslim community in Ukraine more secure and appreciated. And once it begins, there is no turning back.

Starlets for Sale

This is what I don’t get. American celebrities rent themselves out to Russian oligarchs to come to their parties and serve as exotic poodles that the rich guests stare at. Yes, they get paid for it but aren’t they rich enough already? Why would somebody like Demi Moore, for instance, demean herself like this for a few bucks?

I’m not talking about B-list starlets like Brittany Murphy who overdosed at a Russian oligarch’s party and died as a result*. Or Mila Jovovich, who rents herself out for really sad, paltry sums to go to drunken parties organized by these oligarchs. These characters don’t have a choice but to trawl parties in hopes of a payout. But the truly famous ones, how come they don’t believe it makes sense to preserve their dignity intact and refuse this sort of jobs? It’s humiliating as shit to have bored rich ladies and gentlemen gawp at you, point their fingers and laugh, like you are a freak. Or is nothing humiliating if you are getting paid?

I don’t get this.

* Make sure you look at the Wikipedia entry about Murphy and the causes of her death. It’s beyond ridiculous.