So why is there all this tokenism in Wonder Woman? It’s not like the target audience is the SJW crowd. The main character is a dumb infantilized airhead (just like the actress.) Remember that really scary part in the end where she mechanically parrots the meaningless lines the American fellow told her? 

So if it’s not for the SJW crowd, then why is it there? 

Wonder Woman 

The good part is that I went with N, and that’s always great. I’m so into him, people. It’s as fresh as if we were in our third week of dating. 

The movie, though, is identical to Hunger Games except with a prettier and better actress. It’s the same idea that the perfect woman is a defective prepubescent boy in the grip of oedipal drama (secretive mother figure, menacing father figure.) And I’m very far removed from the dramas of boys. 

But hey, the photography is great, the animation is very impressive, the actress is beautiful, plus there was a woman from SVU, so I’m glad I weSCI,

One question, though, what was a Native American fellow doing in there? I can with an enormous effort get over an American character who wins WWI but a Native American is going too far. 

The Walk

The Mom Walk went quite well. Klara loves observing small babies, and there were several of them.  People seemed to assume I was a lifelong resident of the area. Accents and countries of origin weren’t mentioned. 

The only thing I didn’t like was the obligatory “horror stories” about giving birth. Everybody relates their fake horrible story and stares at me because it’s my turn. And I say only, “I had a C-section” because really the bad stories mobody shares. If you want to talk about it, that means you have no idea how bad it can be, and good for you.