Spanish Fascist

Facebook is scary. I just discovered a real Spanish fascist on my feed. Real like in he is posting love letters to Jose Antonio Primo de Rivera, the founder of Spanish fascism and, according to this Facebooker, “an innocent victim of red hordes.” 

He asked me to friend him last week and I mistook him for a colleague with a similar name and agreed. But the question is, why did he choose me? I never publish anything in Spanish on FB. I do leave likes under the posts by writer Andres Trapiello. Does this mark me as an FB Spanish fascist? 

2 thoughts on “Spanish Fascist”

  1. He’s looking to leverage your network on FB to reach other targets. Standard tactic. I get trolled all the time by Indian IT firms looking for US clients, for the same reason.


  2. I agree with Vic as to his motives. If you haven’t already you might want to defriend or unfriendize (or whatever it is the kids call it nowadays) because the chances of him being under surveillance are…. substantial.

    Facebook is, among other things, a tool for governments to keep tabs on those with dangerous ideas (dangerous to who is a question best left for other times). It centralized the multi-polar blogosphere (remember that?) into one easy to track place.


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