G20: The Real Story

What really matters about next week’s G20 is that Putin and Merkel will pressure Trump to approve Nord Steam 2, an agreement that goes against the stated goals of the EU to diversify its energy supply and move towards renewables and away from fossils. 

Merkel needs Trump to approve because NS2 is detested by the rest of Europe. Europeans see her efforts to ram it down their throats as even more proof that Merkel sees herself as the ruler of the Union. A recent US Senate bill opposes NS2 because it would represent an enormous reward for Putin and his oligarchs and serve as an unwarranted and harsh punishment to Ukraine. 

This is the real story and not the idiotic “Germany made a statement that they don’t want to be friends with us because we are so mean” that I keep seeing in the press. Merkel is trying, in her signature clumsy manner, to pressure the US massively to enrich Russian oil oligarchs. The question now is whether Trump will flout his own Senate and bend over for Putin and his close ally Merkel. 

Crazies or Liars?

This fellow seems to have an important message about anti-semitism. But he chose to deliver it in the weirdest of formats that makes it unreadable and strips him of all credibility. Even Instagram would work better. 

I have no idea if people who try so hard to deliver long texts through Twitter are mentally unbalanced or liars who use the deranged format to preclude any criticism or response. 

Emotional Substitution 

If there were emotions or emotional expressions that were barred to you in childhood, as an adult you will play the game of emotional substitution with these forbidden or “bad” feelings. 

For instance, if you weren’t allowed to protest, your rebellious feelings in adulthood will manifest as tardiness, incapacity to stick to a deadline, laziness, forgetfulness. You will do everything- from work obligations to daily chores – a lot more slowly than you would otherwise. 

If you weren’t allowed to express anger, whenever you feel angry in adulthood, you’ll displace the anger into self-sabotage, self-harm, start having minor household accidents, bumping into things, etc. 

July 4th Plans

Happy 4th of July, everybody!

We have massive plans for celebrating here. There will be a mini-parade in my street, followed by a neighborhood party. The only other holiday on my block that gets a parade and a party is Halloween because people leave town for other holidays. 

Then we have our own family celebration at home. I’m not sure we’ll get to see fireworks because Klara falls asleep by 8 pm, and it’s still very light at that time.