We Won

Folks, I’m sorry for the flurry of posts but a lot is happening. 

Today, Illinois Democrats broke down the two-year-long stalemate and forced a budget down Rauner’s wrinkly throat. 

What I love about the whole thing is that there was no spinelessness, no whining, no dithering on the part of the state Democrats. They were principled, strong, and finally – FINALLY! – smart and strategic. That’s the Democrats I want to see and support. 

I know everybody is tired of my budget posts but believe me, I’m even more done with them than you are. I’m happy that we won.


I’m so tired of the hand-wringing over the Twitter reaction to the Declaration of Independence quotes. What, like everybody knows the entire text by heart? And nobody would have mistaken the quote for a neurotic dig on Obama had this happened in July of 2012? 

It’s good to feel superior but how justified is this feeling? 

Doesn’t Matter

I want to get a T-shirt that says “I don’t care how many languages my daughter ends up speaking.” This will simplify many conversations. 

I’m so tired of hearing the popular wisdom on the importance of language learning in childhood. I’m usually the only actual language education professional in the conversation, and I know for a fact it’s all bunk. 

The only activity every child needs to do is play. That’s it, period. It doesn’t matter when they learn to walk, talk, eat with a spoon, speak foreign languages, read, write, or count. It. Doesn’t. Matter. And if they end up only speaking one language that’s. Perfectly. Fine.