Rat Fights

The Illinois Chronicle reports:

Rauner declares war on moderate Republicans; GOP lawmakers stripped of positions, threatened.

Good. Let them devour each other now. 

Fussy Eating as Branding

Fussy eating patterns are part of the “quirkiness sells” attempts at personal branding. Arriving at the workplace with paleo diet boxes, smoothie cleanses, and protein shake / chia seed potions is an attempt to stand out. Please notice that the quirkiness that is in demand these days always points to exceptional sensitivity and often to some sort of woundedness. 

Lost in Translation 

A bunch of professors started an endless email thread as to whether it’s better to send their kids to a middling college where they’d be the best students or to a great college where they will be “at the bottom.”

What they are really trying to say, of course, is “I don’t like my kids, I don’t like my kids, I don’t like my kids.” The only thing that isn’t clear is why they engage in this form of exhibitionism on a work email server and not in their psychotherapist’s office. 

Language Barrier

Klara and I are experiencing a language barrier. She loves it when I use flash cards and pictures to teach her new words. There was one word, though, that she wasn’t managing to learn, “horse.” This was strange because she’s usually great with the words that start with “h.” 

Whenever I showed her a picture of a horse, she’d say “neigh neigh.” 

“No, it’s a horse,” I’d correct her but she kept repeating her neigh neigh. 

It took me a while to discover that in English the sound a horse makes is “neigh neigh.” 

FB News

If Facebook gives people news items based on their profile, my FB page must be that of a total ditz. All the news I even get are of the “Becky Gower and her husband used 3 types of contraception, but she couldn’t stop getting pregnant so he got a vasectomy” variety. I have no idea who these people are and why I should give a toss about their vasectomies. 

It’s bizarre that woth half of a feed made out of Ukrainian support groups I never get any news items about Ukraine offered by FB.