Lady Winter

N loves me with my hair in the state of complete natural curliness. I feel embarrassed by its wildness but he’s super into it.


Misplaced Concern 

I also love the pearl-clutching over how “Mrs. Macron was suitably creeped out” by Trump’s compliment to her fitness. The rancid old hag fucked her own underage student. So I’m guessing we shouldn’t be so afraid of wounding her virginal sensibilities. Trump, at least, has never been caught engaging in buggering kiddies. 

Good Shape

I honestly don’t understand what is the problem with one old person telling another old person “You are in such good shape.” I’m already at the age when people share their blood sugar and blood pressure readings the second they meet because that’s all they care about any longer. In 30 years, that will be all I’ll want to talk about. 

There Are No White Men

This is what people refer to when they say they are fed up with identity politics

The reason why Trump’s son is a prick is not that he’s male and it’s not that he’s white. He’s simply an entitled brat who thinks he’s God’s gift to humanity. And hey, we don’t have to guess whether his way of being has to do with his gender. Trump also has a daughter who is just as insufferable. 

I’m tired of hearing the expression “white men.” Enough with this crap already. Let’s not create false solidarities that bite us in the ass.


Adherents of communism / socialism and fanatical defenders of capitalism have a lot in common. One especially funny shared trait is that both rebut any criticisms of their favorite system by declaring that REAL, PURE communism / socialism or capitalism don’t exist and never did exist. Everything that we know about these systems should be disregarded because their purity has been perverted throughout history and geography. 

This allows the poor fools to avoid engaging with critics intellectually and instead drawl condescendingly and self-importantly, “Whatever you know as communism / socialism / capitalism is not what Marx / Ayn Rand had in mind.”