Obama Dilemma

Columbia finally paid a settlement to the victim in the Mattress Art Project case. Universities are stuck in a situation where they have to calculate which sum of money is smaller, a settlement to a slandered and expelled student or the federal funding lost if slanders and expulsions aren’t too enthusiastic. 

Thank you, Mr Obama. This truly helps higher education. 

Fake Opposition

One of the most important Russian dissidents Yulia Latynina is shilling for Trump like her life depends on it. 

“Have you wondered why all the educated, intelligent people in the U.S. are embarrassed by Trump?” she is asked. 

“It’s because they have been brainwashed by a conspiracy of liberal college professors,” she responds. “And here in Russia we have the freedom to see things clearly ”

This is just one tiny example to illustrate this very important thing I’m asking you to remember: there is no such thing as a Russian dissident who doesn’t work for the Kremlin. All opposition in Russia is completely fake. 

I’m starting to see these “Russian dissidents” in the US media more and more often, and I’m disturbed by that. People, haven’t we been manipulated by the Putinoid propaganda machine enough? Please, be vigilant. Turn off the TV, turn over the page, move right along whenever you see any of these clowns. They are good at telling you whatever you want to hear, distracting you, and then slipping in their poison. 


The administration of my university sucks dick. Now that we have our state funding, people started saying that we want our cost of living increases that we haven’t gotten in 4 years. Immediately, the nasty president and chancellor responded to the effect that well, if you hadn’t voted for the union, you’d now have raises galore. But since you did vote for the union, that, tragically, precludes us from giving raises. 

None of it is even remotely true. The administration is counting on the brain dead among us who will believe this bunch of sorry lies. Of course, that will be quite a few people. 

This is the same admin that blamed the union for being divisive. It’s as clear an example of a projection as I’ve ever seen.