It would be great if the missives people write to our administration asking for a salary raise and explaining how crucial their work is for higher education did not contain quite as many appalling grammar and spelling mistakes. 


It’s deeply immoral even to discuss whether to give medication to people who overdose or let them just die. It’s impossible to let a person in front of you die for lack of medication and still preserve your humanity. 

This is a rich country. I will never believe it can’t find the money for enough naxolone to save overdosed addicts. Yes, they are addicts and they absolutely 100% choose to stay addicted every single day. What this has to do with whether to save their lives or not is a complete mystery to me. If there is a manual on how to evaluate whether a human being is deserving of meds that will save their life, I surely haven’t read it. 

Far more despicable than the choice to shoot up heroin is the choice to be a self-righteous murderer of the human beings you deem inferior to your entirely virtuous self. 

How to Humanize a Monster

don’t care whether babies are born addicted to crack, heroin, nicotine, alcohol, or whatever else. I don’t care whether their so-called mothers are black, white, or green with blue stripes. These women are disgusting, vicious monsters whom I detest. If they can do something thos horrible to a baby, what won’t they do to their children? Which whim of their own won’t they put first? 

I’m appalled by the tone of the linked article. 

The Silence Is Deafening 

This week, the White House decided to make those emails from concerned citizens public through the commission’s new website. But the administration made a big mistake: It didn’t censor any of the personal information — such as names, email addresses, actual addresses, and phone numbers — included in those emails.

I want everybody to keep very quiet right now so that we can hear the uproarious outrage coming from our libertarian, anti-big government, Ayn Randian freedom-lovers. 

I’m sure they are about to have something to say regarding this totalitarian gesture. They’ve got to have at least some mousy little protest ready, right? 

Sunday Link Encyclopedia 

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I finally figured out what’s behind the moans of climate doomsayers. They describe their climate feelings as deeply erotic experiences. They are modern mystics.