Joke or Not?

People, you’ve got to help me out because I’m utterly lost. Is the following written as a joke? It sounds like a parody but the header on the website makes me wonder. 

You may think it is of no importance whether you gender your pets but why would you do such a thing to such an important member of your life? Pets cannot speak for themselves. They cannot tell you that they are being misgendered. It’s important not to make assumptions about what gender your animal is based off of its sex.

I’ll try to stop posting for today but I can’t promise anything because the world is full of wonders. 

Reality Intrudes

Klara’s favorite book these days is from the charming Sophie the Giraffe series. I love the book, too, but every time the toy elephant in the book says “trumpety-trump”, the whole experience is poisoned for me and reality intrudes on my happy moment with my daughter and Sophie. 

Serious in Illinois

If the previous job posting had come out of anywhere but Illinois, I’d think it’s simply a job that’s being reserved for the son of the chair’ s best friend or something like that and they are conducting a fake search. But it’s Illinois. So it’s dead serious. 

I’m a tenured professor with the intellectual output you all know about and I get x2 the salary plus effectively no benefits. So yeah.

Comedy Job Posting 

People, you got to read this job announcement for a position at a school in Illinois. Extensive discussion is at the link. Please read because the job posting is a thing of beauty. You can deliver it at comedy clubs without changing a word and you’ll slaughter:

University of Illinois-Chicago. 
Visiting Lecturer-German Basic Language Program Director for AY 2017-2018.

The Director will coordinate 14 sections in the blended basic German language sequence (first through fourth semester), supervise and train about 10 teaching assistantsteach three advanced language and culture courses, and participate in departmental events, such as the High School Day.

Qualifications: Candidates must be ABD (PhD preferred), have a strong teaching record, and have a background in Second Language Acquisition or a related field. Native or near-native competency in German is required. Preference will be given to candidates with experience in language program direction, materials development, and computer-mediated learning.

Currently this is a 67% position for $28.000 and benefits are prorated.

Starting date for the TA orientation is August 21, 2017. Classes start August 28, 2017.

Another Victim of Police

It beggars belief how incredibly unprofessional and downright dangerous the police force in this country is. An unarmed, completely peaceful woman who made a 911 call was shot by police who came to respond to her call. Who trains these unhinged maniacs? This is insane. 


People who get a kick out of violating boundaries and manifesting aggression (e.g. self-righteous language policers, members of the deranged call-out culture, SJWs, etc) are very good at sniffing out those who will be especially traumatized by this kind of thing. 

They are favorite victims are people who are unaware they deserve to have boundaries and are tortured with guilt for even the tiniest attempts to boundary up against intrusive behavior.