Back Home Observations

*Back in Florida, we used to tell people that we are from St Louis and we go to Florida for the cold. People stared but it was the literal truth. The heat here broke the record from 1901 yesterday. It’s 25 degrees hotter than in Fort Myers. 

*It’s incredible how much Klara’s developed in just two weeks. We gave her a kid-size milk carton with a straw for the first time. She tried to drink from the carton but I told her to put the straw in and drink from it. (We’d already broken the foil). And she did. N almost fell off his chair. 

*Grocery shopping around here after a store in a tourist area is a very pleasant experience. The check comes out to a third of what I paid in Florida. 

*We managed not to get even the tiniest of sunburns on any of us. Of course, this meant that N and I had to swim swaddled in more clothes than burkini ladies. 

Gayle Newland

There is obviously a case for fraud here but where is sexual assault? This is not only consensual sex but an actual romantic relationship of a long-term nature. That both of the willing participants are weirdos of the first order is hardly a crime. 

In the meanwhile, real rape and torture of minors goes unprosecuted.