Good Trolling

I can’t resist the charm of talented trolling. Read this article carefully and then pay attention to the closing sentence. Masterful! 

Governing Philosophy

Douthat is a reliable source of laughs:

So cashiering Sessions would be a remarkable statement (though hardly the first) that the president cares almost nothing for his own alleged platform and governing philosophy.

Ya think? Nah, not this president, surely. And here we all thought he was such a stickler for a coherent governing philosophy. I’m beginning to suspect he might not even be a champion of the working classes.  

A Rich Boy Feels Your Pain

This is why I despise Rolling Stone. They are now fellating Trudeau in the most ridiculous of manners:

Despite these contradictions, the prime minister is a progressive, rational, forward-thinking leader. Yes, he was -manor-born, but he actually feels his citizens’ pain because he’s had his own unthinkable personal tragedies.

Of course, personal tragedies are a little easier to bear when you have a shitload of money and aren’t averse to dipping into public funds to finance your lavish lifestyle of an entitled brat.

Marriage Longevity

My parents are celebrating their 42nd wedding anniversary today, and my mother told me that at the wedding, many of the guests came up to them to say the marriage wasn’t likely to survive and they’d be divorced in a couple of years. The kindness and good manners of Soviet people are unparalleled.

The reason for the guests’ scepticism regarding the marriage was that my parents were of different ethnicities and social classes. 

By the way, my mother’s five sisters all married within their ethnicity and social class. All got divorced. 

No Truth

Somebody on FB was commenting on this article and said, very correctly, that the practice of legally changing birth certificates to make them state facts that were clearly untrue began when birth parents were erased from birth certificates and adoptive parents were placed there instead. And nobody seemed to fucking care that the very existence of something like truth, history and facts was denied by these acts. 

Ancient Grains

Is there some new foodie fad happening with “ancient grains”? A bunch of stuff at the grocery store has suddenly been given “ancient grains” labels. I’ve been buying this stuff for years, and suddenly it’s all ancient grains. And I’m not as old as to believe that the food has become ancient together with me. 

I even saw “ancient grains” eclairs today. It seems a tad off-putting to see the word “ancient” attached to such a highly perishable food. 

Gosh, people are so weird.

Jobs Can’t Find People

The New York Times reports that, in the areas devastated by drug addiction, it’s hard for companies to find workers even for good-paying blue-collar jobs with benefits. It’s a vicious circle where many people turned to drugs after losing their jobs in the recession of 2007-12, but now when the economy has finally picked up, they can’t go back to work because their bodies have been colonized by drugs.

The especially sad part of the story is the number of young people who, instead of pursuing their dreams in the most energetic and productive season of their lives, have become useless, sad potheads. Obviously, a choice in favor of vegetating uselessly instead of discovering the world and making it your own isn’t made in a vacuum.