Stranger Than Fiction

I’m sorry, folks, I feel like I’m losing my grip on reality. This fellow Anthony Scaramucci who said the really bizarre and. . . I’m struggling for an adjective here. . . things about Bannon, Priebus and everything else, is he a character? Or a real person? 

What’s going on? 

And when can we change the program because I’m not liking this current runaway hit. 

What’s an Expensive Wedding?

What would you consider an expensive wedding? $10,000? $100,000?

How about a billion dollars?

A Russian oligarch recently married off his son and the wedding was so insanely lavish that it cost just a bit under a billion. Yes, with a b.

Trained monkeys. . . sorry, artists who entertained these criminals were Sting, Jennifer L√≥pez and Enrique Iglesias. Guests received goody bags filled with diamond jewelry. The bride’s gown weighed 28 lbs because it was covered with precious stones. 

There’s a link here but the oligarch removed the photos of this monstrosity.

P.S. OK, I just found a link that still has photos. It’s in Russian but just scroll down to the photos. I promise you’ll perish from laughter. 

Thursday Link Encyclopedia

If my book fails to attract interest, I’ll know whom to blame: Trump! Thank you, Mr President, for being so convenient.

Another overwrought academic. But nobody wants to hear from the less pompous among us. I blame Trump. 

The positive developments in the Burqa Mom story

If you need any more reasons to hate the Saudis.

It’s impossible to “feel like a girl (or a boy.)” 

convicted rapist sues her victim for defamation.

Tech has plateaued.

And Even More

My new hobby is to write offensive comments about Trump on the wall of the Ukrainian-American group I belong to on Facebook. I know it’s infantile, but I can’t get over there being Ukrainian supporters of Trump. It gets my goat like I can’t tell you. Of course, it’s possible that the group has been infiltrated by Russian provocateurs, but still. I can be kind and understanding to any supporter of Trump unless they are Ukrainian, know anybody who is Ukrainian, or know that Ukraine exists. 

And the good news part is that every time I write a comment, I think, “I’m writing this under my own name, and I’m not afraid of anything. This is a great country.” 

Even More Good News

There is a play that I need to read for my research. I also want to see it and I’m writing a grant proposal to get funding to go to Spain for my new book. But for now I need the text. 

I wrote to the theater where the play will be staged next season, explained about my research, and asked if I could buy the text. Within less than a day they wrote back, sent me the text, and contacted the author who’s on vacation. The author asked them to tell me that I will probably need his other play, too, (and I definitely do), and he’ll send me the text once it’s finished. 

This is all in under 24 hours. The Spain of “come back later” is definitely gone. 

Good News

A friend who is in Germanic studies found a great tenure-track job at a college in Philadelphia. 2-2 teaching load. I’m extremely happy. She isn’t a native speaker of German and she didn’t go to an Ivy but she is brilliant, she loves, loves, loves the profession, and if somebody like her couldn’t get employed, I’d be very disappointed with the profession. 

She never doubted she’d get a job, never complained about the field. All I ever heard from her was excitement about her teaching and scholarship.

I’m super psyched by the news.