This sweet, sweet moment when he finally gives you an excuse to walk out:

A Bernie Sanders supporter says she separated from her husband of 22 years after finding out that he had decided to vote for President Donald Trump.

I felt exactly this way when I left my 1st husband 19 years ago. My excuse was that he’d found a job but forgot to mention it to me, pretending that he’d been out of the house every day roaming the streets in depressed desperation. I was worrying my head off over his suffering but it turned out the fellow simply wanted to keep his paycheck to himself while I paid all the bills. 

I was actually happy when I found out because I was finally free to leave. 

Out of Touch

And the title of the most brain-dead blogger of the week goes to the author of this gem:

There is a difference between jobs being lost due to automation, and, let’s say, the recent layoffs at Carrier, where the jobs (or some of them anyway) aren’t being replaced by technology, but are being shipped abroad.

Obviously, this “difference” is very hard to notice for those who lose their jobs but spoiled, tech-obsessed Liberal brats like the linked fellow can’t even be bothered to pretend they care.   

For those who don’t know, a small explanation: there is a brand of Liberals who believe that all social problems will be solved and none will be cause by technology. If you try to challenge them, they call you an anti-vaxxer, for some mysterious reason. That’s what happened to me once, and it was weird because I’m actually very pro-vaccine. And the discussion was on the subject of robotization anyway. 

What’s After the Skinny Fail?

So what now? Are they going to continue trying to repeal the AHA or can we have some respite from this whole charade while they go do some work for a change? Does today’s failure of the skinny bill close the discussion for a while?

Does anybody know how this works?


The new pediatrician was stunned at how well Klara speaks and especially at her skill of identifying emotional states. For instance, after she got her shots, Klara informed us that she was “no happy doctor’s. Happy outside.” 

I don’t think it’s important how early kids begin to talk. Everybody talks eventually, so what’s the big deal? But I’m glad she is already learning to name emotions because people who don’t learn in childhood make for unhappy adults. 

The Skinny Is Dead

McCain, Collins and Murkowski defeated the skinny bill. This is very good news because had it been passed, it would have rested with Paul Ryan to adopt it as is or pass some modified version. And he’s pouty enough to just go and pass it. 

Of course, the whole situation of this repeal bill even being discussed when the overwhelming majority of people in this country doesn’t want it is a disgrace. And this is not on Trump, folks. These clowns were elected long before Trump. Let’s not forget that the total goes much much deeper than Trump.