The dark, transgressive, disobedient part of us that inhabits the darkness is called “the shadow.” We battle against it, berate ourselves for not having the willpower to give it up, make New Year’s resolutions to get rid of it. But the shadow is what allows us to remain sane. 

We all know what our shadow is, what it is that we do that makes us feel “bad.” But do you know your romantic partner’s shadow? Does he know yours? Or is yours more of a parent – child relationship?

Trump Delivers for His Supporters

Trump’s immigration bill sounds very reasonable from this article. Finally, the lottery might actually go away, which is great. Overall, bringing the US system closer to that of Canada is a decidedly good idea. I have experience of both, and Canada’s is vastly superior. 

Again, I’ve only read this one article. Maybe there are things in the bill the article skipped over. We all know I don’t like to discuss the texts I haven’t read so I’m only discussing the article.

Articles of Faith

Yet another article of faith these days is that capitalism favors productive work over reproductive work “putting at risk the reproduction of life itself.”* The last I heard, the planet is definitely not hurting for people. Depopulation of Planet Earth is not what’s happened since the birth and implantation of capitalism. Actually, the world population exploded thanks to the improvements in the quality of life, medical advances, reduction in starvation, and other horrible nasty things brought to us by evil, oppressive and capitalist Enlightenment.

*It was invented by that “happy Medieval infanticiding prostitutes” critic I wrote about recently.

And Then Came Trump

The author I was talking about yesterday predicted back in 2015 that the role of intellectuals and artists in the media will grow because

they are the ones who will be in a more favorable position in the media environment, While experts and politicians undoubtedly have considerable visibility and authority in that media ‘reality,’ their discourse is dull, limited, and excessively specialized.

Only 2 years ago, imagine that.

Rhetorical Questions

I am happy for anyone from a disadvantaged group to be hired, promoted, or published over me.

Is there anything but the deepest contempt for “disadvantaged groups” in this statement? How does one live with being such a smug, superior individual? Why do people so lack self-awareness?