Dog Killer

I almost hit a dog today. It was scary. There was this woman with two beautiful big shaggy dogs. Unleashed, of course. When I approached in my car, one of the dogs threw itself into the road. The only reason I managed to brake in time is that I was driving a lot more slowly than I usually do on this road because I was trying to decide where to turn. 

The owner ran into the road after the 🐕, and that’s when the second dog decided to join the fun and jumped out into the road, too. We were very lucky that there were no more cars coming at that moment. 

It’s very unpleasant to think I could have become a dog killer today. 

Coding Obsession

I find it creepy that people who don’t even have kids yet order books of “fun children’s stories that teach kids (ages 2-6) the foundations of computer coding without needing a device!”

It’s like a kid isn’t even allowed to exist as a fantasy without what’s perceived as currently marketable skills. 

Where Bobbitt Was Wrong

Bobbitt (the fellow I first learned about the erosion of the nation-state from) theorized that the newly neutered national governments will try to legitimize their power by demonstrating that they can protect us from global threats (terrorism, cyber warfare, pandemics, etc.). As always, he was too optimistic. 

As we can see, the newly neutered national governments are legitimizing themselves by offering material for our Facebook and Twitter activities. Hey, who can blame them? It’s surely easier to fire off incendiary tweets than to fight viruses or terrorism.