Riddle: Marital Communications

I just texted N with “I’d rather see you than horse pee.” Who can guess the context of this message? 

What Is Your Secret Fear? A Quiz

What are you secretly afraid of? What is hiding in the dark room of your psyche?

Look at the pictures and choose the one that rankles the most, the one that provokes an emotional response. And then look under the fold for a response.








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I had a huge fit of rage this morning. For the third time, I go to the office to print out my syllabi and I don’t manage to do it. First, the Dropbox didn’t work, then I couldn’t access the system, then the files were not the right ones. I can’t stand feeling incompetent and bumbling. And yes, I know why, I know all about the psychological roots of the rage but it doesn’t make the rage any less pleasant.

God, did I swear or what. I didn’t even know I had all this vocabulary in my head. I swear in Russian because English swearing is non-existent and Spanish swearing is just funny. 

Rage makes me feel very disoriented and confused. And it’s over nothing. I still have a ton of time to print out the syllabi. Nothing, literally nothing makes me more enraged than something interfering with my plans.

Of course, I’m now at the bookstore because that’s my calming strategy. 

Incredibly Uninformed

Washington Post’s Dana Milbank noted soon after just how frequently Trump reflects on what he assumes others don’t know.
That Bill Clinton signed NAFTA: “A lot of people don’t know that.”

I never thought about who signed it before this election.

What a value-added tax is: “A lot of people don’t know what that means.”

I don’t know what it means. 

That we have a trade deficit with Mexico: “People don’t know that.”

I didn’t know this before the election. Did you? 

That Iraq has large oil reserves: “People don’t know this about Iraq.”

I vaguely heard something to the effect of “Bush went there for oil”, but that’s the extent of my knowledge on the subject. 

That war is expensive: “People don’t realize it is a very, very expensive process.”

This I did know. Yay. 

Whether he thinks “people” are incredibly uninformed, or whether he’s simply oblivious himself, will remain a subject of some debate.

I’m an incredibly uninformed people according to this supercilious twat. I’m at a coffee shop right now, and I’d bet good money most people here would fail this weird quiz. 

And then the twats will wonder why people don’t vote for them or whomever they support. Yes, it’s a total mystery. 

Diplomats in Cuba

Folks, did you hear about the US diplomats in Cuba who lost their hearing as a result of a device that was deployed against them for this purpose?This was a small revenge to Obama for messing with somebody else’s client state. 

Of course, the diplomats will have to bite it because nobody is willing to take up the case and do anything in response.