Different Images

What I’m not getting is why, now that I managed to see the images of the Nazi rally in Charlottesville, I’m not seeing anything even remotely resembling what I saw during the rallies in Ferguson. I’m not seeing much law enforcement at all in these images, let alone the massive, troop-like presence of heavily weaponized forces we’ve all seen back in Ferguson.

Many Sides

The events of today in Charlottesville would be less disturbing if they received an appropriate response. But what we are hearing is that there are “many sides” to the violence at the neo-Nazi rally. And that’s so despicable, so immoral that there are no words for it. 

The Silliness of the Wounded

Please, David Brooks, mansplain to me once more why I shouldn’t be offended that a white man doesn’t believe I’m not equipped for my work pic.twitter.com/vKcN3B0BXB

— Judy Wang (@judywang) August 11, 2017

Because you can’t even write a tweet that would make sense?

Why is it that these self-righteous judgmentalists are so eager to make total asses out of themselves? And this whole “mansplain” thing, it had its uses for a while, like the sarcastic use of “woke”, but it’s gotten old. It’s stale like Stallone movies and Eminem. Let’s move on already. 

Saturday Link Encyclopedia

A professor is prevented from mocking his students with a stress reduction policy. It’s a shame because it could have been fun.

The worst back to school sign known to humanity. Is Walmart trying to make people hate it?

striking relationship between your med school ranking and the rate at which you prescribe opioids

A study at the Columbia School of Social Work found that parenting behavior, namely maternal warmth and sensitivity, to be the most important factor of the gap between upper middle class children and bottom-income quintile children.” Well, duh. 

The predictable demise of Firefox. Gosh, I remember how much I used to love Firefox. What a waste. 

The practice of ritual defamation.

This is one thing I’d never do for Klara.

love the New Optimists. I’d like to meet them in real life.

People with no sense of humor should not read Craigslist.

I don’t want to know about the ridiculous Damore scandal because it’s an overexaggerated bunch of baloney on both sides. But I can’t fail to notice that it’s making people very loopy.

Fun and games in Morocco.

The worst places for poor minorities (in terms of optimism, worry, and/or pain) include blue states like Washington, California, New York, and Massachusetts. And, as it turns out, for poor whites, the situation is desperate in New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Wisconsin.”