An article in the NYTIMES is titled “Why Women Had Better Sex Under Socialism.” The idiot airhead who wrote this trashy piece would benefit from being sent back to the sexy USSR where surgical abortions with no anaesthetic were the only available contraception and women had to undergo up to 3 dozen of these procedures. She’d also love having no access to any supplies from which a semblance of a hygienic pad for menstruation could be fashioned. And I have no doubt she’d get a special kick from the sky-high rates of rape, pedophilia, incest, workplace harassment, sexual molestation and beatings that were the lot of all Soviet women. 

Oh, the sexy Soviet paradise we’ve lost! I hear one can only get a sexier time in a burqa.  

For Kids

What I love in this country is how well everything is organized for people with kids. I still can’t get over the shopping carts with the opening for kids to put their feet through and the little plastic seats. Or the parking spots for pregnant women right in front of the entrances with pictures of little storks. Or the changing stations in public restrooms. 

Also, there are so many completely free places to take out kids here in town. Parks, playgrounds, the splash pad. Everything is clean, very well-maintained, with padded flooring, shady picnic areas, and shockingly clean public toilets. 

Of course, we pay high property taxes but it’s great to see that the taxes go to something worthwhile.

The Familiar Familial

Peter Tefft, my son, is not welcome at our family gatherings any longer. I pray my prodigal son will renounce his hateful beliefs and return home. Then and only then will I lay out the feast.

Hey, I’ve heard this before. Public renunciation of family members was very much in vogue back in the USSR.

It’s not surprising that the fellow became a neo-Nazi. With parents who can do something like this, it’s strange he hasn’t killed anybody yet.  Obviously, the parental assholishness doesn’t justify the son’s neo-Nazism. But his neo-Nazism neither justifies nor predates the parental assholishness.

Blockade Soup

Today I made my favorite vegan soup that has kale, collard greens, beet greens, white cabbage, red cabbage, carrots, lima beans, green peas, cilantro, baby potatoes, and fresh rosemary.

N doesn’t like it and calls it “the blockade soup” in reference to the blockade of Leningrad by the German troops in WWII when people had nothing to eat and had to make soup out of wilted leaves and tree bark. So I made baked turkey legs for N. 


From an article in the NYTimes:

I spoke to an Asian television-­news producer who had also made the trip from New York. ‘‘I’m just imagining what my parents would think about all this,’’ she said. We had one of those talks common among people of any marginalized group, in which it’s possible to unload your neuroses without having to explain everything.

Question: how do people know they belong to a “marginalized group”? I’m asking for purely practical reasons. Do I belong to a marginalized group? I’d love to feel all brave and resilient in the face of marginalization.

More importantly, who doesn’t belong to a marginalized group? The same old “white, able-bodied, heterosexual, yadda yadda yadda men”? But what if they feel marginalized? Isn’t the truth whatever you feel it is? Or is that only true for those who already claimed the stakes of being marginalized? 

A Gloomy Prediction

The events in Charlottesville will have a very bad effect on the political Left in this country. I’m sure they will also have an effect on the Right but I don’t care because I don’t belong to it. 

On the Left, though, things are going to get bad. It’s already not amazing but it’s about to get worse because now one can mow down any dissent with “You disagree? What are you, a Nazi?”, “You want freedom of speech? What, like a Nazi?”, and “You don’t like what we are doing? The other side is worse. They are Nazis!”

And yes, it’s an unassailable argument because it’s true. Whatever you do, Nazis are worse. It’s the best carte blanche there is. 

And hey, it already started. See here:

I’m sure Heather Heyer’s family would be happy if she could trade places with James Damore.

It’s 100% true, of course. And it’s also true that this shouldn’t be the extent of our options. We shouldn’t have to choose only between traitorous neo-Nazis and self-righteous privilege-scratchers. Yes, the scratchers are better but only because they are competing against the most despicable people ever. 

Being better than torch-waving, Heil-Hitlering, goose-stepping, people-killing Nazis is a low bar to cross. But to a movement that is already addicted to self-righteousness, this feeling of being on high moral ground compared even to this kind of opponent will be irresistible. Like all addicts, it will desperately look for the next fix. And since there aren’t enough Nazi protests to feed the hunger, it will manufacture Nazis out of anybody who fails to be sufficiently loud and eager in their cheering and condemnation.

This is the trap that the Left has been incapable of avoiding since the 1930s. And it lost every single time because the potency of “But at least we are not Nazis” has an expiration date.