Do Republicans have to run the incumbent? Or can they come up with somebody else in 2020? ‘Cause this is clearly for shit.


If you don’t see a profound and crucial qualitative difference between neo-Nazis and people who protest against neo-Nazis, this is where no conversation is possible because something is very badly not OK with you. 


There is nothing more contrary to the logic and goals of neoliberalism than solidarity. This is why neoliberalism puts in place structures of feeling that make us shun solidarity. The first great victory we need to obtain is discovering all the insidious ways in which neoliberal alienation has insinuated itself as a positive good into our minds. 


My university is a very good place to work (when Rauner isn’t messing with us). There are no preparatory meetings that seem to eat up the last week of summer holidays for many academics. I have a departmental meeting on Friday and I can go an all-faculty breakfast also on Friday. It’s not obligatory. I decide whether to go or not based on whether I feel like gabbing with colleagues over free food. Last year I didn’t. This year I do. 

Other than that, I’m free. This is important because there’s always stuff to do in preparation for classes to begin and in winding down all of the summer research projects.