Be Like Illinois

Illinois Senate, by the way, passed a resolution classifying neo-Nazi groups as terrorist organizations. 

How about your state? Isn’t it a good time to get in touch with your state representatives and urge them to do something?

8 thoughts on “Be Like Illinois”

  1. Man, that’s a great idea. I think this classification comes with lots of constraints, like they cannot operate a bank account, transfer money, etc. That’ll be a severe blow to their organizing efforts.


      1. I think that once they are carrying swastikas and doing the Nazi salute, it’s not hard to identify them.

        Nazi groups tend to grow from tiny kernels into enormous organizations extremely fast. On the eve of the Spanish Civil War, for instance, Spanish fascists were a tiny little organization on the margins of society. And then it exploded into an enormous movement literally within weeks. Knowing this history, one should be very careful when dismissing these Nazi groups as small and unimportant.

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        1. “Nazi groups tend to grow from tiny kernels into enormous organizations extremely fast”

          thinking about this, it occurs that neo-nazis have been around for as long as I can remember attracting scorn and almost no followers. I thinkk for any social movement (good or bad) to grow very rapidly the conditions have to have been building for a very long time so that when there’s an opportunity there’s a huge growth spurt

          what has caused been creating the conditions for this in the US? since I’m not there it’s hard to say but it has to have been going on for a long time, well over 10 years minimum….


          1. Remember this open letter from the father of one of the Nazi protesters? The Nazi guy is clearly a son of an indifferent, distant, rejecting father. He’s going to want community and acceptance. Trump is there to give the perfect maternal acceptance (because his role is that of a stereotypical woman, not a stereotypical man.) Mommy’s warm embrace and defense in the face of everything and anything is going to be very attractive to such people.

            Obviously, it’s not a justification of their ideology. Tons of people have shitty, distant parents, so what?


  2. And this is an example of how not to do it. The NYPD must be licking their chops over this.


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