Oh, come on, like nobody snuck a peek on the eclipse without the glasses? You must be truly old if you weren’t even tempted. 

Conspiracy Theories in Spain

I was wondering when the terror attacks in Spain were going to produce some juicy conspiracy theories, and finally they did. 

The theory is that there was no attempted terror act in Cambrils. Police just came, grabbed a few random “moros” and killed them. Why? Because they are just that mean. 

People have the strangest ways of dealing with trauma. 

16 Minutes Before the Totality

The eclipse is unexpectedly cool, folks. I’m actually feeling it. Yay, I’m not as old and jaded as I thought I was. 

As the saying goes, after the age of 40 you have to choose whether to prolong your life or prolong your. . . Please guess the last word of the saying.