Are They Trying to Be Funny

A real “breaking news” headline on TV:

Trump Pardons Arpaio Amidst Category 4 Hurricane and New Revelations about Russia Probe

I care about the hurricane but the rest can go bite itself on the elbow. 

A Great Gift for an Academic

I just got as a promotional gift this great notebook that has a different design on top of every page that you can fill out, color or doodle on during boring meetings. I’m now sorry I’m not on any boring committees where this could be a lifesaver.

I collect notebooks, by the way.

Same Boat

Finally, scientists are getting a taste of what we in the Humanities live with as a matter of course. Of course, most of us are by now very good at doing it to ourselves so no external censor is required. You either internalize the censorious ideology or you seethe. That’s unfortunately how it works. At least, the unknown Jennifer has an easy villain she can blame this on. For us, it’s a lot harder. 


Klara is so smart. When I give her two pieces of pear and she only has one free hand to grab them, she doesn’t take the bigger piece first. Oh no, that would not be a smart thing to do. She grabs the smaller piece first because she can stuff it in her mouth fast and then reach for the big piece. This was she has control of both pieces as fast as possible.

Escaping Oppression

Somebody came to the blog with the following query:

why rich russians dont try to escape such oppressive country

The answer is that it’s not oppressive to the rich. It’s oppressive to everybody else because the rich oppress them. Who do you think is oppressing people? The poor?

The not-very-rich are not trying to “escape” (whatever that means in this context) because emigration is difficult, and for Russian-speakers it’s harder than for many other people.