Going, Going, Gone

‘Gone with the Wind’ is gone – from Memphis theatre after 34 years

because the theater officials are afraid of Twitter nasties. As if you can actually placate them by anything you say or do. 

Good Timing

The hurricane had nothing to do with the timing of the Arpaio pardon. It was done on Friday so that people have something to feel outraged about over the weekend. We are always given a fun, enjoyable activity to occupy our weekends. Just to make sure that people don’t use all that free time to actually do anything.


And here’s a fresh example of what I’m talking about. According to this fellow, not only an immigrant but even a child of just one immigrant parent is not entitled to say “our American culture.” 

These fuckers don’t give a crap about immigrants. They just want to feel all superior and self-righteous in the moment. They won’t accept an immigrant as one of them no matter what he or she does or doesn’t do. 


I keep coming back to this because of all things I couldn’t have imagined being bothsidesed it was… Nazis. I mean, sure, that there are white supremacists in this country is not news. But actual Nazis. Our entire 20th century mythology is about how “we” fought Nazis.

Mythology, that’s precisely what it is. You tolerated them then, you tolerate them now. It’s all in keeping with a long-standing tradition.

Pay Attention

We thought watching House of Cards would be boring in the current political climate so we put it off for months. Now we are finally watching it, and the show is actually quite engrossing. Especially the strategy on how to avoid holding elections if you know you won’t be reelected. 

I think this is a possibility we all need to consider. It’s not that hard to accomplish. But of course it will only become a concern if the Democrats stop scaring away voters and make even just a half-assed little effort to come up with a platform. Ending the ridiculous debate over who was more evil, Hillary or Bernie, would be a swell idea. 

By Democrats I mean all Democrats, not just the elected officials. If the same number of people who FBs ridiculous weepy memes showed up to the regular meetings held by our hard-working state representative, things would begin to change.