Why am I so exhausted? I don’t get this. I’m not doing anything special. The teaching schedule is not onerous. Students this semester are a breeze to teach. Like usual, there’s no service to speak of. 

Yes, it’s sweltering hot. But then when isn’t it? I’m not getting this at all. 

Don’t Feed the Troll

This detailed and obsessive attention to what Trump said in his most recent rally is in aid of what exactly? The endless memes about his wife’s shoes that have hijacked my news feed, what purpose do they serve? If she had worn sneakers, would that somehow make things better?

This is feeding the troll, nothing else. There is no useful purpose behind this. And the troll just grows and grows. 


What’s very lovely to see on the local playgrounds is how often kids are out with grandmas or grandpas. These are not the tragic situations where grandparents are raising kids because parents are not available. These are extended families that live close to each other and haven’t been separated by fluidity.


Why is Biden going on “The American Promise Tour”? He had ample time to fulfill all his promises. It’s way way way too late for him to promise anything else. 

I swear to God, if the Democrats run another 70+ year old against the serving 70+ year old. . . I don’t even know how to end this sentence.