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Russian militias in the US. The article doesn’t mention the Antifa but they are part of the same trend. 

It’s because of rants like these that I now try to run away whenever I hear the word “white.” Even at a clothing store I avoid white items because the word reminds me of these eager little fools who are self-pleasuring like crazy with it. 

I’m proud to be a Ukrainian-Canadian when I hear news like this! Canada’s Ukrainian-Canadian Minister of foreign affairs has been rescuing Chechnya’s gays and bringing them over to Canada. As of today, there are 38 gay Chechens whose lives have been saved this way. 

It kills me to see people throw around the word “Nazi” so casually. How can they not understand that it’s immoral and just wrong? 
Crazy in Australia.
Keeping up the monuments debate is a huge mistake because voters are not into it. One has got to be all kinds of silly to try to give symbolic victories to today’s voters. 

If you want to culturally appropriate Ukrainian culture, do not, and I repeat do not follow this silly kid’s advice. I’m tired as fuck of people trying to engage with me as a fount of Ukrainianness they are eager to drink from. God, where do these dumb ideas come from even?

Technology obsession + unlimited power in the hands of one stupid bureaucrat = massive ridiculousness.

What a dumb idea: “An Early College High School program allows high school students to take college classes for dual credit; if they pass everything on the first try, they can graduate with an Associate’s degree at the same time they graduate high school.” Hey, why stop there? Let’s give little darlings Nobel Prizes for existing.

 And the best post ever on why big business looooves governmental bureaucracy

The most meaningful thing I have read about the Harvey disaster.



For years, I wondered what “UPD” meant and why it appeared tagged on to posts and comments. For years. 

Googling it, of course, was not an option because come on.

And then, finally, by pure chance, I saw somebody posting it in Russian, and even though “АПД” means nothing whatsoever in Russian, I finally figured out what it means. 

It’s a nice feeling.

Neoliberal Way of Thinking

With the news that Robert Mueller has a copy of the original letter on James Comey’s firing written by Trump aide Stephen Miller and Trump himself, we need to return to the great mystery of that lost hour on the tarmac on Air Force One.

Every hour spent trying to figure out “the great mystery of that lost hour on the tarmac” or bitching about Melanka’s shoes in Texas is taken away from discussing strategies of dealing with liquid capital. Which are not discussed. 

Of course, if somebody tried doing both things at once, that would be ok. But nobody is even trying. The deeply neoliberal fascination with easy solutions has won the day. People have convinced themselves that removing Trump from office will somehow, for 3 easy payments of $19.99, make everything great again. 

Blogging vs Writing

Is blogging the same as writing? Here is an interesting discussion:

Blogging is an activity that is so distinct from the experience of writing that it should be called something else altogether. One does not write a blog post except in the sense that one “writes” a shopping list or a business plan . . … The short answer is that blogging is a social activity, while writing is, properly speaking, a use of one’s solitude. There is nothing solitary about blogging.

 Thing is, any kind of writing is deeply social because it is all about language, and language is a tool of communication. This is why I move so easily between scholarship and blogging. It’s all the same process of trying to get your ideas across to other people. Whether those people are present throughout the process in the form of students who discuss these ideas in your class, colleagues who question them during conferences, friends who roll their eyes when you start going on and on about the nation-state yet again, or blog readers who do all of these things and more is not very important. Writing doesn’t happen in isolation from the world. Writing is about engaging with the world. 

A scholar who is writing a monograph engages with all the scholars who came before her and got her to this starting point. A novelist draws on a lifetime of reading texts created by other people and interacting with other people. Whether there is somebody in the room when the writing occurs doesn’t change the nature of the activity. Writing is still about creating a bridge between one’s mind, one’s inner life, one’s store of thoughts and feelings and everybody else. 

If Cervantes got up after writing a little bit of his Quixote and rushed to read this small new paragraph to whomever was living in his house at the time, asking “So? What do you think? Does it make any sense?” and receiving feedback and arguing about it, would that make him any less the great Cervantes we all admire? I’m obviously not saying I’m “just like” Cervantes because I write. I’m saying that procedure isn’t important. Writing is writing. 

What’s the Plan?

For Democrats, the mission looks pretty basic: Keep pointing at Trump and asking voters in horrified tones, “Do you really want this guy running around unchecked?” Expect Democratic campaign ads to make liberal use of photos featuring Trump smirking alongside Paul Ryan or Mitch McConnell. Message: What cozy peas in a pod!

If that’s really the plan, we are massively screwed. 

Yesterday I turned on MSNBC, heard that there were 16 new Russia revelations, and turned off the TV in disgust. The happiness on the newscasters’ dumb little faces makes me wonder if they are altogether mentally there.