Envying Solidarity

It took me 20 minutes to figure out why the Russian blogosphere has erupted in such insane anti-Muslim hatred today. Finally, I discovered that what caused all the hate was something really beautiful. Muslims in Moscow defied the prohibition on unauthorized gatherings and came out to the Myanmar embassy to stand in solidarity with the Rohingya who are being exterminated for being Muslim. 

Here are the brave protesters:

And the Russians are so angry not only for the customary hateful reasons but also because they are envious. They envy the Muslims the courage to come out in protest. (It’s illegal in Russia to appear in public even in a very small group unless you have a written permit.)

I feel deeply for the Rohingya and I’m glad somebody else is willing to stand up for them, even at a great risk. 



FB tells me that in the Game of Thrones I’m somebody called Cercei Lannister. I tried all of my uploaded photos, and it’s always the same result. 

Is it a good character, at least?


And also, on the subject of adjunctification, I’m tired of the idea that I need to feel contrite and constantly self-castigate over an issue I in no way caused and that nobody is brave enough to even name. I have no idea whatsoever what can be done to solve the problem. As the MA inevitably becomes the new BA and then the new GED, it’s going to intensify. 

And I hope never to discuss this issue again until people quit pretending they are unaware of all I just said. 

Adjunct Hypocrisy

This year for the first time our department has a non-tenure-track person with a PhD teaching language courses. I have no idea whatsoever how this could have been avoided and how even the most perfect economy imaginable could have changed the situation. 

This is why this kind of article bugs me.  It’s all empty, ridiculous blabber that doesn’t speak to the core issue faced by all the departments like mine who don’t see any other solution. What kind of an economy do we need to have to offer tenure to people who teach nothing but Spanish 101 or equivalent because there’s nothing else for them to teach and who do no research because they do not want to? 

The conversation around adjuncts as a phenomenon is dumb, fake and annoying because everybody knows (but nobody wants to say it aloud) that there is one easy and cheap way to end the adjunct problem in languages: cancel the language requirement. It’s either that or put up with a growing army of adjuncts. 

I’m so tired of the hypocrisy surrounding this issue. Everybody knows what’s happening but everybody pretends to be wide-eyed and ignorant about it.


Wearing a backpack makes me feel extremely young. Maybe I should wear it just for psychological effects. 

The last time I had a backpack I was 14. It was the envy of the whole school because it was very bright and had the colors of the US flag. I had brought it back from the UK. 

Today I wear one of those fake hippy backpacks because I use it as a diaper bag. 

Fake Photo

The only photo I posted of Harvey turned out to be a fake. I apologise to everyone for posting a misleading image. One should never trust anybody to just report. There are too many freaks who are lying to advance an agenda. The fake photo I was dumb enough to believe was the product of some eco freaks’ fantasy. Which is very ironic.