At the Cemetery

Tomorrow is the fourth anniversary of Eric’s death. We went to the cemetery but it’s hard to grieve with an 18-month-old who thinks a cemetery is a super fun place with all the plastic flowers and teddy bears and balloons. Plus, there is a pond with ducks, geese, huge red fishes and little turtles. By the end of the visit, we were all laughing and feeding Klara’s lunch to the animals.


Bullying Is Wrong

I find it completely disgusting when people organize for the sole purpose of bullying a woman for daring to have an opinion. I think Wax’s article has a noticeable potential for humor, and I poked fun at its wording on this blog. But I’d rather chew my arm off than sign such disgusting, Soviet-like letters publicly to bully a colleague for expressing a point of view I might disagree with.

I condemn the idiots and the bullies who signed the linked piece. They are horrible people, and I wish somebody would tell them that to their dumb little faces.

And now let’s wait for the complete and utter silence from feminists who will studiously pretend to not notice that a female academic is being shushed into silence.

Happy Labor Day!

Our university’s top administrator informed us, 20 minutes before close of business on Friday, that he will give himself and other admins raises while faculty members will get nothing because we need to be punished for unionizing. He didn’t use these precise words but the implication was clear. 

Then he had the discussion board sabotaged to prevent us from discussing this.

Of course, we will get our raise, this idiot will apologize, professors will write him crappy evaluations, and the Board of Trustees will put him out on his ass. I’ve been here long enough to know how this works. 

What’s sad, though, is the plummeting quality of our administrators. They don’t come to us from business but I almost wish they did. At least then if they did evil things, I could be angry. But it’s impossible to be angry with this bumbling fool who just talked himself out of a career for some mysterious reason. 

We used to have inspiring, strong administrators. And now we get these mediocre, boring people who can’t even plot against labor in a half-assedly competent way. What a comedown.