I don’t even want to talk about DACA because it’s a total disaster. It’s one of the worst, most shameful parts of Obama’s legacy. He left us stuck with this horror show and should just keep very quiet about it right now instead of making condescending noises about “young strivers.”

In effect, DACA turned 800,000 people into pawns for the Democrats to use in shady dealings of all kinds whenever it’s convenient, as we’ve seen today. Keeping people suspended, uncertain, always dependent on the possibility of yet another short-term extension is a cruel and unusual punishment that is completely immoral. How can anybody, a young person especially, live like this? Imagine not being able to make any kind of plan, any strategy of your own life. This is horrible. 

The strivers part just about did me in. You make people arrive in perpetuity, dangling the rotten carrot of another short-term bit of mercy for ever and ever. And then get on a high horse and go all self-congratulating on the very people you are screwing over. 

Americans! Make up your minds. Fucking make a decision already. Stop supporting the inhuman and cruel DACA and let these 800,000 human beings just live their lives without having to beg you for something every couple of years.

Fuck DACA. Fuck deferred action. Enough deferring. Enough. 


Kids Today

Klara learned to use the computer mouse. You’d think from this that we live in front of the computer but it’s not true. We use Skype once a week to talk to her “Kama” (grandma) and I showed her itsy bitsy spider and wheels on the bus a few times. 

And then I went to the kitchen to fetch some sunflower seeds and came back to discover her using the mouse to choose her favorite songs from the menu like it’s the most natural thing in the world. 

Scary shit, this.