Everybody Is Noticing

The only thing I like about Facebook is that it warns you that you are overusing it. It just told me, “You’ve posted for 2 days in a row, and everybody is noticing!” So OK, point taken, I’m going away. 

If only Amazon did that. Like in, “you already bought a book yesterday. Are you sure you need a new one? Have you read the previous one already? Really? Everybody is noticing that you haven’t.”


Stop Trying

Also, now that I’m out of the infant section and into the toddler aisles, I can’t tell you, folks, how much of this “girl empowerment” stuff there is. Toys, books, clothing, backpacks, bibs, shoes, and on and on and on. Screaming “Girls are great!” at you from all sides. She persisted! Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s life story for 5-year-olds! And another one for 8-year-olds! Women who achieved! 

I feel vicariously embarrassed when I see people trying so damn hard. 

I’m for Naturalization

And just one more tiny little question on DACA. I’m seeing an enormous number of “I support DACA!” slogans on Twitter, Facebook and everywhere else. It’s an explosion, there are so many of them. I’m sure everybody who posted them is good, well-meaning person who genuinely doesn’t want anybody to suffer or get deported.

But here is what I need to understand. Why are there no posters saying, “I don’t support DACA, I support naturalization”, or “Keep DACA and make it a first step towards citizenship!”, or “DACA today, citizenship tomorrow!”, or “Dreamers should be citizens!” I put it up on my FB and got no support except from 3 people I know in person and know I can always count on. 

Tweets and FB posts don’t directly participate in the political process. You don’t have to be cautious and modest in your expectations. Dream big, say what you actually want. And that’s precisely what everybody is doing on every issue. Every issue, including this one. 

I think the most important thing right now is to take a tiny little break from “Trump is bad and I’m virtuous” and take an honest look at what’s happening.

Will Russians Support Trump’s Impeachment?

For the first time, Russian officials started dropping hints that Kremlin might contribute to Trump’s impeachment. The calculation they have to make is simple: what will result in greater chaos, leaving him in place or bumping him out. He didn’t mishandle Harvey, so it inclined the scales towards bumping him out. 

Of course, he is likely to create a lot of chaos in the coming days because that’s his nature. The question is whether it’s enough chaos to satisfy the Russians.