“I have a question,” a student said. “I was reading the New York Times this morning and it said…”

After that I disconnected and didn’t hear the question. A student! Reading! A newspaper! In the morning! My brain couldn’t process so much good news at once. 


Culture Shock

Received Klara’s daily report from daycare and had to Google “sloppy joes” to find out what it is that she enjoys so much for lunch. 

Found photos of sloppy joes. Feel very puzzled and confused. 

No What?

Klara is in the “no” stage of her life. Everything is a no. She wakes up and the first thing she says is “No!” I say, “No what? I’m not offering anything.” So to preempt me, she now greets me in the morning with, “No what?” 

The second thing she does after waking up is look at my feet and say “Shoes!” She doesn’t like me to be barefoot. We have to go downstairs and pick out shoes for me before we do anything else. Then she picks out shoes for herself and it’s got to be the shoes that she chooses. She has no preference in clothes yet but she does in socks. Last week I put socks on her that didn’t match the outfit. She sat on the floor and refused to budge until I found socks that did match the outfit. How she figured out what matches and what doesn’t is a mystery. 

Social Class

Have you, folks, noticed that it’s easier for women to bring their husbands into their social class than vice versa? Over the years, I’ve seen a bunch of marriages between people of different social classes, and almost always, if the wife’s social class is higher than the husband’s, she brings him into it eventually. While if the husband’s social class is higher, the difference is never bridged, even if they live together for 50 years. 

For instance, I know this woman who is a professor of gender studies and who married a janitor with a loud booming voice, endlesss sexist jokes, love of something called monster truck racing, and a wardrobe that the Brits would call chav. I haven’t seen them for a while and then I did and wow, what a transformation. He now has 2 degrees, works an office job, speaks quietly, despises Trump and offers me prawns in white wine that he made because it’s one of his favorite recipes. The same face as 15 years ago but an entirely different person.  

But whenever it’s the other way round, a male professor or doctor, etc who married a working class woman, no matter how many years pass, she’ll still belong to her social class. It’s more likely that the professor or doctor will be drawn into her sphere, at least to a degree.