Monday Link Encyclopedia

First-world privilege.

And first-world derangement.

What I don’t get is how they extrapolate from such a ridiculously tiny number with a straight face.

Science confirms Freud was right. Yet again.

The best Siri moment I’ve heard of so far. 

What could have possibly caused the dramatic jump in crime rates in Chicago in 2016? Hmmm, what a mystery. There wasn’t anything out of the ordinary going on in the state throughout that year. Nothing like a lack of a fucking budget that destroyed the already insufficient social services in poor neighborhoods. 



Somebody very important says my CV is like that of an advanced Associate Professor even though I only recently got tenure. I’ve been swollen with pride about this comment for days. I constantly feel like I’m not even trying as hard as I could. And hearing this supportive comment helps.  

4 Million

Next month we will hit 4,000,000 blog visits on this platform. Who will be the person to effectuate the 4,000,000th visit? I’ll be tracking and will congratulate the winner if he or she leaves a comment while visiting. (I can’t track non-commenters on this platform). I will be posting announcements as we approach the four million so that people can leave targeted comments and claim the title of the anniversary visitor.


Neoliberal economy – instead of a career, you will have Facebook.

Neoliberal politics – instead of collective action, you’ll have delightfully provocative tweets.

Neoliberal justice – instead of any tangible gains, you will have symbolic victories you can post on Facebook and Twitter. 


Since the dawn of time” I’ve been hepeated and I didn’t even notice. But now my eyes have been opened to this tragic victimization.

Readers, have you ever hepeated or shepeated me? Used any of the ideas you found here? If so, please keep doing it. Hesheitthey-peating makes me happy. I’m a freak of nature.